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Sedate as Sloughis are most of the time, they can be highly self-conscious somehow, especially when it comes to hunting. Familiarity with new situations and moderate exercise can both contribute to mental and physical health. Sloughis tend to suffer few diseases during their lives.

Other Names Arabian Greyhound Sloughi Moghrebi
Color Gray, brown, beige
Height Males: 26-29 inches. Females: 24-27 inches.
Weight Males: 45-70 pounds. Females: 40-65 pounds.
Life Span 12 -14 years
Personality Reserved, Graceful, Noble
Exercise Regular Exercise
Popularity #191
Groom Needs Weekly Brushing/Infrequent Shedding
Kids Friendly Yes with supervision
Dog Friendly Yes with supervision
Watch Dog
Family Dog
Litter Size 2-8 puppies

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The elegant Sloughi dog is known for its lean muscle and speed. It is very athletic and intelligent, with an unmatched flair for hunting. The head is wedge-shaped with drooping ears and a pair of almond-shaped eyes. The strong bony build is typically much taller than it is long, with a long tail that curves towards the end. They have a noble attitude, generally sensitive and aloof to strangers, mostly. Their athletic prowess has earned the breed the nickname “Arabian Greyhound”. They are short-haired and smooth-coated, with color varieties ranging from light sand to mahogany fawn.

A male Sloughi should stand between 26 and 29 inches from shoulder to paw, while a female measures around 24-28 inches at the shoulder. A full-grown member of the breed normally weighs 45-70 pounds at the weighing scale. The Sloughi has an average life expectancy of 12-14 years.

Living with Sloughi

The coat of Sloughis are short and smooth. Owners can choose to use a dense-teethed comb to brush their hair. If owners find their hairs dirty or greasy, it’s advisable to bath them beforehand. Odorless Sloughis will make family members more willing to get intimate. Owners should also trim the Sloughis’ nails regularly. If owner delay in trimming their nails, the Sloughis will feel uncomfortable with long and dirty nails. Hardly do Sloughis’ cost much in maintenance. They have low requirements of cleaning except weekly brushing and bathing. To keep the Sloughis smooth and sleek, owners can also choose to purchase hound glove, easy to use. Convenient and soft bristle brush can be also applicable to them. Owners need to check their ears regularly, advoid any signs of infections, irritations and wax build-up.

Sedate as Sloughis are most of the time, they can be energetic when it comes to athletic activity. Hardly will they become gloomy in the home, the Sloughis can always stay calm until some uninvited guests break in. They are somehow a mannerly and elegant house dog, yet they still need some moderate exercise. As one of hound breeds, they are fond of all-out running. Once hunting a variety of game in North African deserts, the Sloughis is swift coursing hound, possessive of running prey. So as you can see, it takes owners some time to take them out for some vigorous exercise. Ample exercise will contribute to physical health. Active owners are willing to take them out for some athletic activity. Leash is of great importance when taken to an open area. Hardly should owners loose the leash when meeting running strangers. Fenced yard can be secure enough for them to run off energy. Lure coursing will be both entertaining and exciting for the Sloughis.

Though not critical about food, Sloughis should be fed on high-quality food afterall. A new puppy buyer should get aware that certain human food could cause risks to dogs. Puppy and adult dogs should be fed on different amount of food. Inappropriate amount of food could easily cause bloat and overweight problems. Whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared food can be both applicable to the Sloughi, as long as the food formula is healthy and fresh. When owners feed them too much food, it’s advisable to check out their calorie consumption and weight level from time to time. Owners might feed them too much amount of food when in training period. Though delay in feeding them after an achieved direction of dogs do no aid in training, overweight caused by giving treats in aid in training process will result in worse health issues. Last but not the least, clean and fresh water should be available any time.

Sloughis are generally in good health. Thanks to careful and responsible breeders, most puppy buyer adopt dogs who has been screened some certain potential genetic diseases. Sloughis are likely to suffer from autoimmune disorders. So addison’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome and progressive retinal atrophy can occur but the chances are very low. Retinal atrophy is also prone to take place, yet genetic health screen can help testing a dog, simple and convenient. Sloughis are sensitive to anesthesia, vaccines, worming, and other medications, in that case owners should have these routine treatments spaced apart. Apart from all above, Sloughis should be fed on clean and fresh water. Owners also need to feed them nutrient and premium quality food. Food formula need to be healthy, either commercially-manufactured meals or home-made foods can be applicable to them. Good-quality food and moderate exercise can contribute to sane grow-up. If owners are responsible and careful enough, Sloughis tends to be healthy during the course of life.

Total Annual Cost: $3239

Cost is estimated for the first year and may vary depending on many factors, such as dog food, health care, leash, collar, licensing, possible fencing, crates, training and obedience classes, dog-walking, grooming, treats, toys, flea, tick, and heart-worm meds, microchips, etc.

Sloughis are smart and intelligent. As one of hound breeds, running prey can be attractive for the Sloughis. Indifferent most of the time, the Sloughis are peaceful accomanying their favorite owner. It’s necessary to develope some emotional connections between dog and trainers. Ample exercise will somehow contribute to a successful training outcome. Hardly will them response positively when faced with harsh words from trainers. It’s of great importance to use some positive-reinforcement methods. Praise them regularly, using appropriate amount of treats as a training aid. Early socialization can help develop a have a familiarity of world. Pursing certain things will bring them a sense of achievement. So trainers can take advantage of the strong sense of self, making them perform well in hunting games.


The Sloughi is probably related to a long history of sighthounds developed long ago in parts of Africa; these include the Saluki (which was bred by the Bedouins of Middle East) and the Azawakh (which was originally bred by the Bedouins of Central Africa). The Sloughi, like the other breeds mentioned above, has an obscure history. They are thought to have emerged around the 13th century, but some reports claim that the breed could have existed even long before then. The ancestors of the Saluki are intractable as they are believed to be ancient dog breeds lost to the mist of time. The Sloughi breed is popular in Morocco and its surrounding regions, including Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia. Morocco formed a vital force in the development of the modern breed, largely responsible for the acceptable breeding standard endorsed by the FCI.

Breeding the Sloughi, as a sighthound, was prohibited across Europe during wartimes by the occupying countries, especially during the Second World War. Sighthounds found hunting in the open were shot dead at sight. This was devastating to the population and breeding of the Sloughi across the 1940s, especially in France. The first Sloughi dog to be imported into the United States was brought from Libya in 1973. It sired its first litter in 1981. Around 1989, the American Sloughi Association was established, which promoted the breed for recognition by the kennel clubs of America. The American Kennel Club, however, accepted the breed into its Foundation Stock Service in 1997, and officially recognized it in 2016, as a member of the Hound Group.

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