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1AaliyahTo ascend to go up in HebrewGirl
3AbbyJoy, rejoiceUnisex
4AceLatin origin. Referred to as ‘number one’ or ‘The best’Boy
5Adaa programming language especially fit to constant applications: created for use by the U.S. Branch of Defense.Girl
6AdaleeThis name is experiencing a big jump in popularity for human girls, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. That makes it an excellent girl dog name, too!Girl
7AdamAccording to the Talmud, Adam was originally created with one body and two heads, which was later split into two bodies, creating Adam and Eve.Boy
8Addieform of Adeline.Unisex
9Adelaidea city in and the capital of South Australia, in Australia.Girl
10AdeleThanks to the British singer, this name is more popular now, but its origins come from Germany and it means “noble.”Girl
11AdeleneAdelene is an English name of Germanic, Germanic, and Hebrew origin. Adelene is a variant form of the English and French name Adeline.Girl
12Adelynversion of ADELINE using the popular name suffix lyn.Girl
13Agathafrom a Greek word signifying "great.Girl
14AgnesRoman Catholic kid saint.Girl
15AgniHindi god with two heads, Agni is a fire god.Unisex
17Aikolove child, child who will be lovedUnisex
18Airilove jasmineGirl
20AjaxThe Greek hero in Homer’s “The Iliad,” you could shorten this to Jax.Boy
21AkamaruKiba’s dog from NarutoUnisex
22Akemibright beautifulUnisex
23Akibright / autumnUnisex
24Akihirogreat brightnessBoy
25Akikobright childGirl
26Akiobright manBoy
27Akirabright / clearUnisex
28AlamoNo, it’s not just the name of the battle in Texas, but also the Spanish word for “poplar tree.”Unisex
29AlaniThis Hawaiian dog name isn’t just for boys or girls. Rather, it’s a unisex name that has its origins in the Hawaiian word for “orange tree.”Unisex
30AlbaIf you ever studied Latin, you’ll know that this word means “white,” as well as being actress Jessica Alba’s surname.Unisex
31Aldwynold friendBoy
32AlexThe name Alex comes from the English origin.meaning of the name Alex is: Abbreviation of the Greek name Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.Unisex
33AlexaGreek meaning ‘man’s defender’Unisex
34Alexanderfrom Fullmetal AlchemistBoy
35Alexisfrom a Greek word signifying "partner.Unisex
36AlfieDerived from the old English name ‘Alfred’ which means ‘wise counsel’Unisex
37Alicea city in South Texas.Unisex
38AlignakInuit god of the moonUnisex
39AlikaThis lovely name means “truthful” and “most beautiful,” two values your new dog already has.Unisex
40AllegraThis gorgeous name derives from the musical term “allegro,” meaning upbeat, so it may be a good pick if you’ve got a happy-go-lucky dog.Girl
41AllyPure heartUnisex
42AlonzoThe name has its origins in Spain where it means “noble.”Boy
43Alton EllisRocksteady frontman of The FlamesUnisex
44Alyssaversion of ALICIAGirl
45AmariMeaning uncertain, perhaps from Arabic AMMAR.Unisex
46AmberYellow stoneUnisex
47Ameliathe inborn nonattendance of at least one appendages.Girl
48Amicafemale friendUnisex
49Amiciadearly lovedGirl
50AmirArabic for Prince. Strong commandingBoy
54Amorettelittle loveGirl
55AmyWell lovedUnisex
56Anaisas in NinUnisex
57AnastasiaShe will rise againGirl
58AngelWell behaved, very kindUnisex
59AngelicaLike an AngelGirl
60Angieform of Angel.Girl
61AnnaFavor or GraceUnisex
62AnnabellScary dollGirl
63AnnieGracious, Also from playGirl
64AnselFamous black and white photographer, Ansel Adams.Boy
65AntoniaMy AntoniaGirl
66AnumatiHindu deity of the moon, meaning "divine favor"Unisex
67AnyaRussian version of ANNA.Girl
68ApoHibito’s pug from Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)Unisex
69AppaloosaAmerican horse breed known for its spotted coat pattern. Can be black and white or red and white.Unisex
70AprilIdeal for a dog born in the springtime or month of AprilGirl
71Aratanew, freshUnisex
72ArcadiaThe Greek name means unspoiled paradise, which might be perfect if your new four-legged family member is calm and peaceful.Unisex
73Archibald MacLeashIf the love you feel for your dog is epic, try this name that honors (in a funny way) poet Archibald MacLeish.Unisex
74ArchiePrince Harry and Meghan Markle were on to something when they picked this name for their son.Boy
75ArgentFrench meaning "silver"Girl
76ArgileA pattern of overlapping diamonds and diagonal lines, argyle is intended to give a three-dimensional effect to the pattern.Unisex
77ArgosThe OdysseyBoy
78ArgusThe name means “watchful traveler,” which might suit a guard dog.Boy
79ArielHeavenly singer; the star of Disney’s Little MermaidUnisex
80ArizonaDid you know the name means “little springs”? Well, now you do!Girl
81ArloSpanish for barberry treeBoy
82Armageddonfrom Hayate no Gotoku! CutiesUnisex
83ArmaniGot a stylish pup? Give them an Italian dog name honoring the country’s famous designer.Unisex
84ArnoYes, it’s a river (in Italy), but this name comes from Germany, where it means “eagle,” so your pooch will be proud to bear it.Boy
85ArtemisGreek goddess of hunting and associated with the moon A lovely name for a female gray tabbyGirl
86ArtooA fictional character from the Star Wars filmsUnisex
87Arvinfriend of the peopleBoy
88AryaGame of ThronesUnisex
89Asamimorning beautyGirl
90AsherThis Hebrew name means “fortunate one,” which describes you, now that you’ve got a dog in your life. You can also call your pup Ash for short.Boy
91Ashias in Lake Ashi, a scenic body of water.Unisex
92Ashleyash tree clearingUnisex
93Ashton or AshleyThe powdery charcoal remains of a fireUnisex
95Asiaa landmass limited by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian seas. Around 16,000,000 sq. mi. (41,440,000 sq. km).Girl
96AslanTurkish word for lionBoy
97AstaIn the 1930s, this Wire Fox Terrier was the sidekick to the married couple turned detectives in the “Thin Man” movies.Girl
98Asukatomorrow perfume, fragranceGirl
99Athenathe virgin divinity of the old Greeks loved as the goddess of insight, richnessGirl
100AtlasThe titan who holds up the world in Greek mythology would make a perfect big dog name.Boy
101Atsushiindustrious directorBoy
102AtticusTo Kill a MockingbirdBoy
103AtticusOf Latin origin. Made popular by the book ‘to kill a Mockingbird’Boy
104AtwoodThe Handmaid’s Tale and many moreUnisex
105AubreyEnglish collector.Unisex
106Audenold friendBoy
107AuroraMarvel Comics, heroine with multiple personality disorder. Aurora has two distinct "faces," quiet, religious Jeanne-Marie and outgoing, heroic Aurora.Girl
108Autumnthe season among summer and winter; fall.Girl
109AvaIt means cute sleepy and a bit nippyGirl
110AvengerMasked Avengers, Chinese martial arts film.Unisex
111AveryCounsel, wiseUnisex
112AxelMeaning father of peace. German originBoy
114Ayanomy colorGirl
115AyraNoble goodnessGirl
116Ayumuwalk dream, visionUnisex
117AzaleaType of flowerGirl
119AzureSky blue; the color of the Blue Grotto at middayGirl
120AzzurraItalian sky blueGirl
121Babya baby or small kid.Unisex
122BaconThe delicious meat we all loveBoy
123BaerThere are lots of dogs named Bear, but you might want to give yours the German spelling.Boy
124BaguetteThe French love their bread, and this quintessentially French loaf is a good name for any dog.Unisex
125BaileySweet tiny girlUnisex
126BaizeOriginally a girl’s name of French origin that means “dark brown,” but it could be a boy dog’s name too.Unisex
127BalaclavaFancy term for ski mask, Balaclava-clad characters represent the mindless, faceless force of evil.Unisex
128BaldwinAnother Country and many moreUnisex
129BaltoBased on a true story about a heroic Siberian Husky, “Balto” tells the story about a dog who went on to lead the sled that brought the diphtheria vaccine to Nome, Alaska, and saved lives.Unisex
131BambalinaAn Italian name that means “little girl,” and you can shorten it to Bamba or Lina.Unisex
132Bambia recognizable name for a child deer.Girl
133BaneMask wearing bad guy in Dark Knight Rises.Boy
134BanjoA two-syllable name that has a musical ring to it.Boy
135BansheeA wailing female apparition and harbinger of death Her screeches in the night foretell of a family member's imminent demiseUnisex
136BardAn Irish name meaning “poet” or “minstrel.”Boy
137BardotThe last name of the famous French actress from the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot.Unisex
138BarkleyThe Barkleys of Broadway, Fred Astaire Top hats and Tuxedo Coat Tails movie.Boy
139BarneyThis was President George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier, and the star of numerous White House videos.Boy
140BasilType of spiceBoy
141BatgirlCommissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon, is the love interest of Dick Grayson, aka Robin, and cowled Batgirl.Unisex
142BathshebaA quiet beach on BarbadosGirl
143BatmanRich guy, Bruce Wayne, dons a cape and cowl to transform himself into Batman, the more mature half of the Caped Crusaders.Unisex
144BayaThe Spanish word for “berry.”Girl
145BeanAfter the coffee bean, natch.Unisex
146BeanieA type of hatUnisex
147BeauFrench. meaning ‘handsome’Unisex
148BeckettWaiting for GodotBoy
149Beefrom Dragon Ball ZUnisex
150BeleTwo-toned alien, played by Frank Gorshin, from Star Trek episode, "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." One half of his face is white, the other is black. He is the mirror image of his nemesis, Lokai.Unisex
151BellaItalian beautifulGirl
152BelleBelle means BeautyUnisex
153BendisGoddess of hunt and the moon in Thracian mythologyUnisex
154BenjiThe adorable mutt named Benji made his movie debut in 1974, the first of several films in the “Benji” series.Boy
155BensonBritish origin meaning ‘son of Ben’Boy
156Berthaa neckline or cutting, as of trim, worn about the shoulders by ladies, as over a low-necked abdomen or dress.Girl
157BertramIconic boat manufacturerBoy
158BerylA green or blue mineral used in white magick for its healing propertiesGirl
159Bessieadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
160Bettydark colored betty.Girl
162BijouA jewel or exquisitely wrought jewelryGirl
163Billievariant of William.Unisex
164BindiPopular in IndiaGirl
165BingleyPride and PrejudiceUnisex
166BirdieSmall bird or bird like, also golfUnisex
167BiscuitA salty little crackerUnisex
168Black HayateRiza’s dog from Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodUnisex
169Blackberrydark and sweetUnisex
170BladeType of fire coralBoy
171BlairEnglish political pioneer: executive 1997-2007.Unisex
172BlakeHonor country music by naming your dog after country singer Blake Shelton.Unisex
173BlancaThis is the Spanish word for “white.”Girl
174BlancheA Streetcar Named DesireGirl
175BlingShow dog expression for lots of white highlights.Unisex
176BlondieForm of blond or yellowGirl
177Blossomthe blossom of a plant, particularly of one creating a palatable natural product.Girl
178Bluefrom Wolf’s RainBoy
179BocceA game that dates back to Roman times, played with a ball in a court or dirt.Unisex
180BoltMade famous by the little white dog from the Pixar movie with the same nameUnisex
181BonapartePenguin Family.Unisex
182Bonniefrom the Latin word signifying "great.Unisex
183BookerA good name for a smart, attentive puppy.Boy
184BowsAs in Buttons and BowsUnisex
185Brad PittbullYou’ll get a chuckle from the vet with this funny dog name, a play on movie star Pitt.Unisex
187Brandya soul refined from wine or from the matured juice of grapes or of apples, peaches, plums, and so forth.Unisex
189BrielleShort version of GABRIELLE.Girl
190BriggsEnglish origin meaning ‘bridges’.Boy
191BrindleCoat pattern seen on dogs, cattle and sometimes horses.Unisex
192BrodyA name of Scottish origins, it means “broad eye,” but we like it because it’s stylish and friendly at the same time.Boy
193BronsonMiddle English origin meaning ‘son of the brown man’Boy
194Bronteas in the sistersUnisex
195Brooklyna ward of New York City, on W Long Island. 76.4 sq. mi. (198 sq. km).Unisex
196BrownieForm of the color brownUnisex
197BruceFrench. Originated from Robert the Bruce, who became the king of Scotland in the 14th centuryBoy
198BrunoGerman origin. Meaning ‘brown’Boy
199Brynnversion of BRYN.Unisex
200BubblesFun personalityGirl
201BuddyThe first dog that was trained to be a Seeing Eye dog for the blind.Boy
203Buju BantonReggae legend and ambassador of the "dancehall" soundUnisex
204Bunny "Rugs" ClarkeLead singer of the band Third World, name your puppy Bunny Rugs if you want a smooth, uptown persona for your canine companion Also, check out their album 96 Degrees in the Shade if you are not familiar with this powerhouse soul-inspired reggae band of the 1970sUnisex
205Bunny WailerOne of the founding members of the Wailers, and an artistic ally of Bob MarleyUnisex
206Burning SpearWinston Rodney's stage nameUnisex
207ButtercupA yellow flowerUnisex
208ButtonAs cute as a…? You’ve got it!Unisex
209ButtonsType of garmet piece, often used for small and cuteUnisex
210BuzzOne of the main playthings in “Toy Story.”Boy
211Byronas in LordBoy
212Cadencemusical progression of a succession of sounds or words: the rhythm of language.Unisex
213CainThe Zohar speaks of the descendants of Cain as having two heads.Unisex
214CakeType of fluffy treatUnisex
215CalicoA tri-colored cat with large patches of color.Girl
216Callieversion of CAROLINE, or sometimes of names beginning with Cal.Girl
217CalypsoTraditional island musicUnisex
218CameronEnglish picture taker, conceived in India.Unisex
219CamiliaRoyalty nameGirl
220Camille, CamiFast; great innocenceUnisex
221CamoCamouflage, military pattern used to conceal.Boy
222CandyType of sugar treat, full of energy, sweetGirl
223CannonFrench. ‘Meaning official of the church’Boy
224CappuccinoName your favorite brown dog after your favorite hot brew.Unisex
225CapriThe beautiful island in Italy’s Bay of Naples.Girl
226Caradear, belovedGirl
227CareyIrish origins “dark, black.”Unisex
228Carlaadaptation of Caroline.Girl
229CarlyFree and pleasantGirl
230CarmelaThe name Carmela is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Carmela is: Golden.Girl
231CarmenCiudad del Carmen.Unisex
232Carolinaa previous English province on the Atlantic shore of North America: formally separated into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729.Girl
233Carolynversion of CAROLINE.Girl
234CarrieNothing says country like a song by Carrie Underwood.Girl
235CarterThis name is in the top 30 for baby boys but it suits four-legged puppies just as well.Boy
236Caseyfrom an Irish word signifying "bold.Unisex
237CashNot that you’ll mind, but that’s what you’ll spend on your dog so you might as well be up-front about it.Unisex
238CasperA friendly ghost, but still a ghostBoy
239CassiaThis is the feminine form of Cassius, and it actually means “cinnamon,” so it might be a good name for dogs with brown fur or a spicy-yet-sweet personality.Girl
240CassieUnheeded, strong willedGirl
241Cassie .Short for Castaway a mute I foundUnisex
242Ceceliaversion of CECILIA.Girl
243Ceikochild of splendorUnisex
244CerberusMythological Greek monster that guards the entrance to Hades, a canid with three heads.Unisex
245CesarDerived from the Latin word ‘Caesaries,’ meaning ‘head of hair’ (perfect for a dog with a beautiful coat such as the Bernese breed!)Boy
246ChanelFrench style architect.Unisex
247ChangChinese lunar deityUnisex
248ChaosCaptain Chaos is the alter ego of the Dom Deluise character Victor Prinzim in the Cannonball Run series.Unisex
249ChaparralBoat manufacturerUnisex
250ChardonnayThis popular white wine might be a suitable white dog name for a swanky dog like a Miniature Poodle or Maltese.Girl
251Charliea word utilized in interchanges to speak precisely C.Unisex
252Charlottea pastry of numerous assortments, served hot or cold and generally made by fixing a form with cake or bread and filling it with natural product, whipped cream, custard, or gelatin.Girl
253ChaseOriginating from the middle ages in England, meaning ‘hunter’Boy
254ChaserThe world’s smartest dog, a Border Collie, had a vocabulary of thousands of words.Unisex
255CheckersBoard game and the name of Nixon's dog.Unisex
256CheckovPlaywright and short fiction writer, also the helmsman from Star TrekUnisex
257Cherdear; cherished: utilized in alluding to or tending to a man or kid.Unisex
258Cherrythe product of any of different trees having a place with the variety Prunus, of the rose family, comprising of a thick, globular drupe encasing a one-seeded smooth stone.Unisex
259ChessieShort for Chess.Unisex
260ChevronA "V" shaped badge or insignia, often seen on coats of arms.Unisex
261Cheyennean individual from a North American Indian individuals of the western fields, once in focal Minnesota and North and South Dakota, and now separated among Montana and Oklahoma.Unisex
262Chicaversion of FRANCISCA.Girl
263ChicoThe Spanish word for “little” is an obvious choice for a small dog name.Boy
264Chiekochild of intelligence, wisdomGirl
265Chikascatter flowersUnisex
266ChimeraMythological Greek monster with the head of a lion and a goat. Also a synonym for dream or fantasy.Unisex
267ChipsThis brave dog took part in World War II and earned many medals for his daring deeds.Unisex
268Chiyoone thousand generationsGirl
269Chiyokochild of a thousand generationsGirl
270ChloeGreen shoot, newGirl
271ChromeShow dog expression for white highlights.Unisex
272CinderGray residue of combustion; can be short for CinderellaUnisex
273CinnamonType of spice, yellowish brownGirl
274Clarafrom a Latin word signifying "clear, splendid.Girl
275Clarissaadaptation of Clara.Girl
276Clementinea little, sweet assortment of tangerine with orange-red skin.Girl
277Cleo (Short for Cleopatra)Glory and fatherUnisex
278CliffJimmy Cliff, only the second Jamaican artist to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, is a legend of Ska and Reggae musicBoy
279CliffordThe Big Red DogBoy
280ClintActor and director Clint Eastwood is still going strong and has had a long career doing things his way.Boy
281Cloverany of different plants of the variety Trifolium, of the vegetable family, having trifoliolate leaves and thick bloom heads, numerous types of which, as T. pratense, are developed as scrounge plants.Girl
282Coal or ColeGlowing, burned, or charred woodUnisex
283CobaltBlue stone associated with protection brought by the evil eyeUnisex
284CocoChocolate or BrownGirl
285CocoaAnother word for “chocolate” and a yummy drink in winter.Girl
286CodyBuffalo Bill Cody was an American soldier and hunter (of buffalos, where he got his name).Unisex
287Coke or CokieUsed to distill metal oxides into metals Cokie, like newscaster Cokie RobertsUnisex
288ColeAn English black dog name that takes its cue from the word “coal.”Boy
289ColtBritish origin meaning ‘frisky young horse’Unisex
290ComoLake Como is in the northern part of Italy, in Lombardy, and a place that George Clooney calls home.Unisex
291CookieType of desert, sweetBoy
292CooperGary Cooper played the all-American, strong, silent type in his movies.Boy
295CortadoIn Spanish-speaking countries, this is what you order when you want a latte-like coffee.Unisex
296Corwinfriend of the heartBoy
297CosetteFrench for “little thing.”Girl
299CrockettDavy Crockett was an American hero and pioneer, the “King of the Wild Frontier,” which in the early 19th century included the state he was born, Tennessee.Unisex
300CrusaderThe Caped Crusaders, Batman and Robin, both wear good guy masks referred to as their "capes and cowls." Name your dog Crusader and you can call him Cruise.Unisex
302Crystalan unmistakable, straightforward mineral or glass looking like ice.Girl
303CuddlesThe name Cuddle is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Cuddle is: This may have given rise to the Scottish dialect word 'cuddy', meaning donkey.Unisex
305CupcakeA little cake with frosting; brown or tan coloring works best; sweet and smallUnisex
306CutterType of sailboatUnisex
307CycloneSynonym for hurricane or typhoonUnisex
308Cydneyisland in a river, riverside meadowUnisex
309CyrusDerived from the Greek form Kyros meaning ‘king’ or ‘lord’Boy
310DabbyName version of "just a bitUnisex
311DaffodilType of flowerGirl
312Daibeloved, friendUnisex
313Daikigreat glory / great nobilityBoy
314Daisukegreat helpBoy
315DaisyType of flower, more common but still beautifulGirl
317DaliThe name of Hugh Jackman’s French Bulldog.Unisex
318DallasU.S. negotiator: VP of the U.S. 1845-49.Unisex
319DallowayMrs. DallowayUnisex
320DallupUsed to note "just a bitUnisex
321DamaskA weave found in the city of Damascus, the damask possesses a high quality of finish, with contrasting finishes of matte and glossy threads.Unisex
322DanaCan be shortened version of DanielUnisex
323DanteThe Divine ComedyUnisex
324DarcyPride and PrejudiceUnisex
325DarlaShort version of DARLENE.Girl
326Darlenefrom the Old English word signifying "dear.Girl
327Dashiellauthor HammettBoy
328DawsonBritish origin meaning ‘son of David’Boy
330DelftBlue stoneware from the NetherlandsUnisex
331DelilahFamous song after this nameGirl
332DelroyDelroy Wilson, the Cool Operator of the 1960s and 1970s influenced numerous Jamaican singers with his distinct phrasingBoy
333Demihalf" or "lesserUnisex
334Den Rockbellfrom Fullmetal AlchemistUnisex
335DenaliThis Alaskan mountain is the tallest one in the U.S.Girl
336DentHarvey Dent, Batman nemesis known as Two Face.Boy
337Desmond DekkerThe pioneer of Reggae, Dekker's early works found success in the US and UK as early as 1963Unisex
338DevlinYou don’t have to divulge what this badass dog name originally meant because it doesn’t pertain to either you or your pup! (It meant “unlucky.”)Unisex
339Diamondan unadulterated or about unadulterated, very hard form of carbon, normally solidified in the isometric framework.Unisex
340DianaThe Roman goddess of the hunt as well as wild animals and the forest.Girl
341DiceWhite cubes with black spots.Unisex
342DiegoThe Spanish equivalent of James is a common human name, making it an appealing Spanish dog name, too.Boy
343Diemthe Latin word for day.Unisex
344DieselIf your pet craves thrills, give them a badass dog name that references action star Vin Diesel.Unisex
345Dilshadhappy heartUnisex
346DinghyRubber raft or lifeboatUnisex
347Divaa recognized female vocalist; diva.Girl
348DiversVarious or diverse.Unisex
349DixieSouthern nameUnisex
350Dj VuSomething happening again in the same spot the same time and the same placeUnisex
351DobbyCharacter from Harry Potter which means benevolent elf’Boy
352Dodie, Dot, or Dotty (short for Dorothy)Adored womanGirl
353DollupA spoonful (ish)Unisex
354DollyForm of doll or smallGirl
355Dolly .Shes got a doll of a sweet personalityUnisex
356DominoA "domino mask" is that which only covers the eyes.Girl
357Dota gift from GodGirl
358Dottieadaptation of Dorothea and Dorothy.Girl
359DoubloonAncient Spanish coinageUnisex
360DoverA beach on BarbadosUnisex
361DracoLatin for ‘dragon’ and made popular by the Harry Potter filmsBoy
362DrakeSame as above but if you are not an HP fan then maybe choose this one!Boy
363DraperThe last name of the main character of “Mad Men,” who personified chutzpah.Boy
364DreadlocksMakes a cute name for a Puli or Komondor dogUnisex
365DublinThe capital city of Ireland.Boy
366Duchessthe spouse or widow of a duke.Unisex
367DuelaDuela Dent is the daughter of Two Face in the Batman comic series. She is a member of the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans.Unisex
368DukeLatin meaning ‘leader’Boy
369EastonIf you live in the East of the country you might like this! Originating from Britain meaning ‘east settlement’Unisex
371Edenwhere Adam and Eve lived before the Fall. Gen. 2:824.Unisex
372EdgarBritish. Meaning ‘wealthy spear’Boy
373Edieadaptation of Edith.Girl
374EffieWell spokenGirl
375Eijieternity orderBoy
376EinData dog from Cowboy BebopUnisex
377ElathaIrish god of the moonGirl
378Electrathe girl of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra who affected her sibling Orestes to execute Clytemnestra and her darling Aegisthus.Girl
379Elenaauthor Ferrante of the Neapolitan novelsGirl
380Elexisdefender of mankindGirl
381ElfA supernatural creature of folk talesGirl
382ElianSpanish originating from the clan ‘Aelia’Boy
383ElinorSense and SensibilityGirl
384Elizaadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
385ElkeGerman name meaning ‘of noble birth’Unisex
386EllaShorted version of EleanorGirl
387EllieLight or candleGirl
388EllisonInvisible ManUnisex
389EloiseEloise at the PlazaGirl
390ElsaMy God is a promise; cheerfulGirl
391Elsieadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
392Embera little live bit of coal, wood, and so on., as in a perishing fire.Girl
393Emerya granular mineral substance comprising regularly of corundum blended in with magnetite or hematite, utilized powdered, squashed, or merged for crushing and cleaning.Unisex
394Emibeautiful blessingGirl
395Emikobeautiful blessing childGirl
397EmmaWhole or universalGirl
398Emmyany of a few statuettes granted yearly by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for greatness in TV programming, creation, or execution.Girl
399EmperorPenguin breed.Unisex
400EndoraThe name Endora is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Endora is: Light.Girl
401Enida city in North Oklahoma.Girl
402EnzoItalian. Meaning ‘home ruler’Boy
404Eriblessed prizeUnisex
405ErikGiven name of the Phantom of the Opera, opera ghost.Boy
407EsmeraldaThe House on Mango StreetGirl
408EsmereldaCharacter in hunchback storyGirl
409EspressoIf your pup’s got a high-spirited personality then this caffeinated drink name might be a match.Unisex
410Estellefrom a Latin word signifying "star.Girl
411Estherthe spouse of Ahasuerus.Girl
412Etsukochild of joyGirl
413EudoraMeans "good gift" in GreekGirl
415Evaliving oneGirl
416EveFirst womanGirl
417EvelynEnglish diarist.Unisex
418Evieversion of EVE or EVELYN.Girl
421FairyMystic small creatureGirl
422FaithTrust, confidenceGirl
423FalaPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt had many dogs, but Fala, a Scottish Terrier, was the most famous.Girl
424Fancycreative mind or dream, particularly as practiced in a fanciful way.Girl
425Fannievariant of Frances.Girl
426FantasiaForm of fantasyGirl
428FawkesThis smart phoenix is Albus Dumbledore’s companion and saves Harry’s life after being poisoned by a basilisk.Unisex
429Fayevariant of Faith.Girl
430FelecityVery happyUnisex
431Femilove meUnisex
432FeonaName of animated characterGirl
433FeraThe Portuguese word for ‘beast’Girl
434Fifiversion of JOS?PHINE.Unisex
435FinnAll dogs are heroic (even if they only chase balls), so name yours after Finn MacCool—now that’s a name!—a hero in Irish mythology.Unisex
436FinneganIrish meaning ‘fair’Boy
437Fionaversion of FIONNGirl
438FitzUsually a nickname for someone named Fitzgerald or Fitzpatrick, this can double as an Irish dog name.Boy
439FletcherMiddle English origin meaning ‘arrow maker’Unisex
440FleurFeisty Fleur Delacour takes part in the Triwizard Tournament with Harry and Cedric Diggory. Also, it may just be the fanciest-sounding “Harry Potter” dog name.Girl
441Fleur, FloraFlowerGirl
442FlickerTo flash off and onUnisex
443FloraLatin word meaning flowerGirl
444FlynnIrish meaning ‘ruddy-complected’Unisex
445FoggyMisty or bewilderedUnisex
446FoxBritish word referring to the sleek animal the foxUnisex
447Foxyfoxlike; sly or tricky; guilefully astute.Unisex
448Francesgotten from Francis.Girl
449FrancieA Tree Grows in BrooklynBoy
450FrancisA name taken from St. Francis de Assisi, patron saint of animals, would be a very fitting boy dog name for any pup, especially yours!Unisex
451FrancoLatin meaning ‘free man’Boy
452FraserPeople often choose a Fraser fir to be their Christmas tree, so this might be a good Christmas dog name for your pup.Boy
453FreidaGerman name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’Girl
454Freya/Freyjathe Norse goddess of loveUnisex
455FudgeA sweet name for a brown dog, perhaps, and the last name of Cornelius, the Minister for Magic.Unisex
456FujiJapan’s famous mountain.Girl
457Fumikochild of abundant beautyGirl
458Fumioliterature, scholarly heroUnisex
459Fushimia shrine in Kyoto.Unisex
460FuzzyHazy, blurry, or furryUnisex
461GageFrench origin meaning ‘pledge/oath’Boy
462GaladrielLord of the RingsGirl
464GandalfThe HobbitBoy
465GasparOne of the three wise men.Unisex
466GatsbyThe Great GatsbyUnisex
467Geltathe Icelandic word meaning ‘bark’Unisex
469GennakerType of sailUnisex
470GentooPenguin Breed.Unisex
471Georgiaa state in the SE United States. 58,876 sq. mi. (152,489 sq. km). Capital: Atlanta. Shortened form: GA (for use with postal district), Ga.Girl
472Geraldinegotten from Gerald.Girl
473Giaversion of GIANNA.Unisex
474GideonHebrew meaning ‘powerful warrior’Boy
476GigiFrench version of GEORGINE or VIRGINIE.Unisex
477GinJapanese for "silver"Girl
478GingerType of plant, red hair, pureGirl
479GinghamA coarse cloth woven with a checkerboard pattern.Unisex
481GiovaniItalian meaning ‘God is gracious’Boy
482Gisellean artful dance (1841) arranged by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, with melodic score by Adolphe Adam.Girl
483GleamDim or subdued light; a light that pierces the darknessUnisex
484GlimmerGleam, faint twinkle, or glint of lightUnisex
485Glittershine and sparkleUnisex
486GlitzTo sparkle and shineUnisex
487Godivaa gift of GodGirl
488GoldieGold; american actress first nameGirl
489GoliathThis giant was defeated by David in the Bible, but your pooch doesn’t have to know that.Boy
490Goodwyngood friendUnisex
491GoofyMickey Mouse’s pal and a truly classic Disney character.Boy
492GraceBeach and Bay on Turks and CaicosGirl
493GracieFull of eleganceGirl
494GradyIrish. Meaning ‘renowned’Boy
495GretaPearl in SwedishGirl
496GrevySpecie of Zebra.Unisex
497GreymalkinThe witches attendant or familiar from MacBethUnisex
498GrigioItalian for "gray"Unisex
499GrisFrench for "gray"Unisex
500GrizzlyGrizzled in appearanceUnisex
501Gulisalittle heartUnisex
502GulliverGulliver’s TravelsBoy
503GunnerA name that means “bold warrior,” which is what you want your country dog to be.Boy
504Gutspug from Kill la KillUnisex
505Gwenvariant of Gwendolyn or Guenevere.Girl
506GwinWelsh word for wineGirl
507GypsyWandering travelerGirl
509Hadaraadorned with beautyGirl
510HadleyU.S. writer and conductor.Unisex
511HagridThe half-man, half-giant who befriends Harry, Ron and Hermione and is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts.Unisex
512HaiiroJapanese pronunciation of "gray"Unisex
513HaleyU.S. essayist.Unisex
514HalleyFamous actressUnisex
515Hallieversion of HARRIET.Unisex
517Hanakoflower childGirl
518HankOld German origin meaning ‘home ruler’Boy
519HannaPopular TV ShowUnisex
520Hannahthe mother of Samuel. I Sam. 1:20.Unisex
521HarkIt’s what the herald angels sung, after all.Unisex
522HarleyFemale Batman villain, motorcycle, meadowUnisex
523HarlowU.S. movie entertainer.Unisex
524Harperas in Harper LeeUnisex
525HarrietFamous social movementGirl
526HarryHarry Potter—for more see 70 Most Unique Dog NamesBoy
528Harukifamed author MurakamiBoy
529Harukospring childUnisex
530Harunaspring vegetablesUnisex
531Harutosun flyingBoy
532HarveyBatman villain, Two Face, whose full name is Harvey Dent.Boy
533Hat TrickScoring three goals by the same player or three consecutive successes of the same kind. Name your dog Hat Trick and you can call her Hatty.Unisex
534Hattierendition of Harriet.Girl
535Havena harbor or port.Girl
537Haze or HazelMistUnisex
538HecateGreek goddess of witches, crossroads, and nightmares, often depicted with three heads.Girl
539HectorGreek meaning ‘steadfast’Boy
540HeenErrand dog of Madam Sulliman from Howl’s Moving CastleUnisex
541HeidiGerman version of ADELHEID.Girl
542HelgaGerman name meaning ‘blessed’Girl
543Henleya short-or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt, as a rule of cotton, with a round necklace and a regularly secured neck area placket.Boy
544HeraHera is the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythologyGirl
545HermioneHarry PotterGirl
546HersheyBrand of chocolateBoy
547Hibikisound, echoUnisex
548Hidekiexcellent timber treesBoy
549Hidekochild of excellenceGirl
550Hideoexcellent manBoy
551Hikarilight, radianceGirl
552Hikarulight, radianceUnisex
553HiloOne of the towns on the island of Hawaii, known for its breathtaking landscape of waterfalls and big mountains.Unisex
554Hinasun vegetablesGirl
555Hinatasunflower / facing towards the sunUnisex
556Hirakuopen, expandUnisex
558Hiroakiwide, spacious lightBoy
559Hirokivast timber treesBoy
560HirokoA Japanese girl’s name meaning “generous” and “fair.”Girl
561Hiromigenerous beautyUnisex
563Hiroyukigreat journeyBoy
564Hisakochild of long lifeGirl
566Hit-GirlKickass companion, Mindy McCready, dons a mask and uses martial arts to become a ten year old vigilante.Unisex
567Hitomipupil of the eyeGirl
568Hitoshimotivated personBoy
569HobbesThe name means “bright fame,” but most people know it from the comic “Calvin and Hobbes.”Unisex
570HoldenThe Catcher in the RyeUnisex
571HollyA plant with red berries (symbolic of Christmas)Unisex
573HoneySweet and natural substance from beesGirl
574Honokaharmony flowerGirl
575HoochFrench Mastiffs don’t normally get starring roles, but this dog stole Tom Hanks’ heart in the dog-and-detective buddy movie, “Turner and Hooch.”Unisex
576HopkinsBeach on BelizeBoy
578Hoshikostar childGirl
579Hotakatall grainUnisex
581Hubertbright heartBoy
582HuckleberryAdventures of Huckleberry FinnUnisex
583HudsonBritish origin meaning ‘son of Hugh’ or ‘son of Richard’Boy
584Hudson or HudName your dog after the mighty river in New York State with this name that literally means “son of Hud” (another name for Hugh in medieval England).Unisex
585HueShade or tint.Unisex
586HugoA male name of Latin originBoy
587HumboldtPenguin Breed.Unisex
588HunterIt literally means one who hunts—what could be a better hunting dog name than that?Unisex
589HydroxOreo's predecessor.Unisex
590Ichirofirst sonBoy
591IggyBoston Terrier from JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)Boy
592IkeHebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’Boy
593IliseThe German variation of Elise, it means “pledged to God.”Girl
594ImaniMeans "faith" in SwahiliUnisex
595IndiaBritish derived from the Indus riverGirl
596Indigoa blue color from different plants, particularly of the variety Indigofera, or produced artificially.Unisex
597IndoThis is the name of one of Will Smith’s Rottweilers (he has a pack).Unisex
598Inezform of Agnes.Girl
599IngridIng is beautifulGirl
600IotaA small quantityUnisex
601Iristhe contractile, roundabout stomach shaping the shaded segment of the eye and containing a roundabout opening, the student, in its middle.Girl
602IsabelThe House of Spirits and many moreGirl
603IsabellaPromise or OathGirl
604Isamubrave, courageousUnisex
605IsisEgyptian goddessGirl
607IsolaFor a self-sufficient dog, this Italian word meaning “island” might be the perfect name.Girl
608Itsukitimber treesBoy
609IvanCommon first name among Russian artists and Tsars, including Ivan the TerribleBoy
610IverScandinavian origin meaning ‘archer’Boy
611Ivorythe hard white substance, an assortment of dentin, making the primary part out of the tusks of the elephant, walrus, and so forth.Girl
612Izumispring, fountainUnisex
613Izzynickname for ElizabethGirl
614Izzy (short for Isabel, Isabella, Isadora)Sounds like baby-talk for "IsGirl
615Jadeboth of two minerals, jadeite or nephrite, in some cases green, exceptionally regarded as an elaborate stone for carvings, gems, and so forth.Girl
616Jamierendition of James.Unisex
618JaneFemale version of JohnUnisex
619Janelleversion of JANE. It has been in use only since the 20th century.Girl
620JanusTwo-faced god depicted on Roman coins. Janus looks to the future and the past; he is the god of duality, transitions, passages and new beginnings.Boy
621JariloSlavic god associated with the moon, springtime, and fertilityUnisex
622JasmineType of flowering plantGirl
623JasperGreek origin meaning ‘treasurer’Boy
624JaxBritish origin meaning ‘son of Jack’Boy
626Jebediahbeloved friendBoy
627Jekyll and HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde share the same body in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.Unisex
628JemmaBritish origin meaning ‘dove’Girl
629Jennaversion of JENNY. Use of the name was popularized in the 1980s by the character Jenna Wade on the television series Dallas.Girl
630JenniferFair one, light coloredGirl
631Jerseya skintight, weaved sweater or shirt.Unisex
632Jessierendition of Jessica.Unisex
633JettEnglish origin meaning ‘black’Unisex
634Jewela cut and cleaned valuable stone; pearl.Girl
635JillChild of the god'sUnisex
636JinxA great name if you’ve got a devil-may-care dog with a lot of charisma.Girl
637Jinx, JinxyMagic appeal or charmGirl
638Jirosecond sonBoy
639JoanFamous woman in French historyUnisex
640John McCanineFor the dog with the demeanor of a politician.Unisex
641JoliFrench name meaning ‘pretty’Girl
642JonahHebrew origin meaning ‘dove’Boy
643Jordanchamber pot.Unisex
644JorgeOrigin Greek originally derived from the Greek word ‘georgos,’ meaning “farmer”Unisex
645Journeya making a trip starting with one spot then onto the next, generally taking a fairly significant time-frame; trip: a six-day venture over the desert.Girl
646JoyJubilation; euphoriaGirl
647JubileeThe silver anniversaryUnisex
648JuliaThe name Julia is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Julia is: Young. The feminine form of Julius. A character in Shakespeare's play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'.Girl
649JuliannaYoung, newGirl
650JulietRomeo and JulietGirl
651JumbleMixed up.Unisex
652Junethe 6th month of the year, containing 30 days. Shortened form: Jun.Unisex
653Junichiobedient first sonUnisex
654JupiterThis is the largest planet in the solar system.Boy
656KahanaThe name of a bay on the island of Oahu, which is now a national park.Unisex
657KahluaLike Kahluas Irish Cream cool within the nightUnisex
658KaiThe word means “sea” in Hawaiian.Unisex
659KaiaHawaain word for seaGirl
660Kaitoocean flyingBoy
661KalaniThe sky; the bossUnisex
662KaleidoscopeDevice that reflects light to mirrors and presents them in repeated patterns of color.Unisex
664Kallieversion of CALLIE.Unisex
666KamalameA Bahamas Cay on AndrosUnisex
667Kamikosuperior childUnisex
668KamilaCzech, Slovak and Polish version of CAMILLA.Girl
669KaneIrish. Meaning ‘little battler’Unisex
671KarinaElaborated version of KARIN.Girl
672Karlaform of Caroline.Girl
673Karmaactivity, seen as bringing upon oneself unavoidable outcomes, positive or negative, either in this life or in a resurrection: in Hinduism one of the methods for arriving at Brahman.Unisex
674KaskuhGod of the moon in Hittite mythologyUnisex
676KateGreek meaning honest or pureGirl
677KatieFully and full of loveGirl
678KatjaA German word meaning ‘pure’Girl
679KatnissThe Hunger GamesUnisex
681Katsumivictorious beautyBoy
682Kawasakia populous city located between Tokyo and Yokohama.Boy
683KaylaKeeper of keysGirl
684Kazuhito HarumiDachshund from Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors)Unisex
685Kazukochild of harmonyGirl
686Kazumiharmonious beautyUnisex
687KeanuA name meaning “cool breeze over the mountains,” which perfectly describes Keanu Reeves and perhaps your laid-back pooch.Unisex
689KeelLateral fin of the boatGirl
690KehaLike the pop singer KehaUnisex
691Keikoblessed child / respectful childGirl
692KelseyFierce IslandUnisex
693Kelsey .Kelsey is a given name meaning 'from the ship's island'. The name could be derived from an English given name Ceolsige, which meant "ship's victory" could be an Old English place name meaning "Cenel's island."Unisex
694Kenichistrong, healthy first sonBoy
695Kenjistrong, healthy second sonBoy
696KennedyU.S. legal adviser, Supreme Court equity 1988.Unisex
697Kenshinmodest truthfulUnisex
698Kentalarge strong, healthyBoy
699Kenyaa republic in E Africa: individual from the Commonwealth of Nations; once in the past a British crown settlement and protectorate. 223,478 sq. mi. (578,808 sq. km). Capital: Nairobi.Girl
700KenyonAnother English name that means “white-haired,” so pretty perfect for your white pooch.Unisex
701KenzoA boy’s name in Japan, it originally meant “wise” and “strong.”Boy
702KerouacOn the RoadBoy
703KesefHebrew meaning "silver"Unisex
705Khamonheart, mindUnisex
706KhamotThai, luminescent ghostUnisex
707Kiaraversion of CIARA or CHIARAGirl
708Kichirolucky sonUnisex
709KichkandiNepalese apparitionUnisex
710KickassA teenager and fan of comic books, Mark Lizewski sets out to become a real life superhero, in spite of the fact that he possess no super powers.Unisex
712KikiNew BeginningUnisex
713Kikochronical childUnisex
715Kimikoempress childGirl
716Kimmieversion of KIMBERLY or KIM.Unisex
717KingPenguin Breed.Unisex
718Kinleyson of FIONNLAGH".Unisex
719KinsleeBritish origin meaning ‘kings meadow’Unisex
720KinsleyFrom a surname that was derived from the given name CYNESIGE.Unisex
722Kiwiany of a few flightless, ratite winged birds of New ZealandUnisex
723Kiyomipure beautyGirl
725KnotMeasure speedUnisex
726KnoxBritish word meaning ’round-top hill’Boy
727KobePopular Hungarian nameBoy
728KokoShort for a number of Japanese namesUnisex
729Kokoroheart, mind, soulGirl
730Konaa southwesterly winter wind in Hawaii, frequently solid and bringing precipitation.Boy
731KoriGod's peaceUnisex
732KoromaruAlbino Shiba Inu from Persona 3 the Movie 1: Spring of BirthUnisex
733Koutagreat peaceUnisex
734KovaFinnish word meaning ‘tough’Unisex
735KrishnaAnother word from Sanskrit that means “black.”Unisex
736KuchenThe German word for “cake,” this is the typical German dessert, so it might be a sweet German dog name for your new pet.Unisex
737Kumikolong-time beautiful childGirl
738Kuniocountry manUnisex
739KyeWelsh, Scandinavian, Greek and Gaelic origin meaning ‘keeper of the keys, Earth, narrow, or straight’Boy
741Kyokorespectful childGirl
742KyotoOne of Japan’s famous cities, known for its Buddhist temples.Unisex
743LabanThe Hebrew word for “white,” and one of those unique dog names that you won’t run into very much.Boy
744LaceType of coralGirl
745LaceyBelonging to girlGirl
746Lacyof or taking after trim; lacelike: an elegant outfit; a frilly leaf.Girl
747LadyA female with grace; titular character in Disney’s Lady and the TrampGirl
748LamarckType of coral in the CaribbeanUnisex
750LarkType of birdUnisex
751LassGeneric name of femaleUnisex
752Lassiea little youngster; girl.Unisex
753LavenderThe sweet-smelling herb.Girl
754LaylaMeans "night" in Arabic.Girl
756Leianame of a princess in the Star Wars moviesGirl
757LeleRomanian, Female spiritGirl
758Lenaa stream in the Russian Federation in Asia, streaming NE from Lake Baikal through the Yakutsk Republic into the Laptev Sea. 2800 miles (4500 km) long.Girl
760LennonWho knew? You’d think this name was just a nod to Beatle John Lennon, but it’s Irish in origin and means “small cloak.”Boy
761LeoLatin origin meaning ‘Lion’Boy
762LeonGreek origin meaning ‘lion’Unisex
764Lesliegarden of hollyUnisex
765LestatThe vampire from “The Vampire Chronicles,” famously played by Tom Cruise in the movie “Interview with the Vampire.”Unisex
766LeviIf you have one of those “shadow” dogs who loves to be by your side, this name means “attached” or “joined” in Hebrew (plus, it’s a very cool dog name).Unisex
767LexiAdventurous and BraveUnisex
768Lexyversion of ALEXANDRA or ALEXIS.Girl
769LeyakIndonesian ghostUnisex
770LiamThis used to be a nickname for William, but actor Liam Neeson and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher helped make it a popular stand-alone.Boy
771LibbyShortened name for ElizabethGirl
772Libimy heartUnisex
773LieselGod's satisfaction or oathGirl
774LilaLatin for LillyGirl
775LilleAnother French city, close to Belgium, and a nice name for a female fur baby.Girl
776LiloOne of the title characters in “Lilo and Stitch.”Unisex
777LilyType of flower with fragrant smellGirl
778Lindameans ‘beautiful’ in SpanishGirl
779LindquistSnow white beach on St ThomasUnisex
780LindsayLime, full of flavorUnisex
781LinusYes, it’s the name of a blanket-carrying character from “Peanuts,” but this name dates back to ancient Greek mythology, and that Linus was a great musician.Boy
782Lizzyadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
783LoisBetter or more desirableGirl
784LokaiStar Trek character whose face is half white and half black, from the episode, "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield." A morality play regarding two peoples, locked in immortal hatred, whose only difference is which side of their face is black and which is white.Unisex
785LokiA Gog in Norse mythologyUnisex
786LolaSorrow, sacrafice, slang for young girl, nickname for DoloresGirl
787Lolita (also short for Dolores)SorrowsUnisex
788LollyShort for lollipopGirl
789Lorcapoet Federico GarcíaUnisex
790LorelaiSinging sirenGirl
791LorraineFrench painter.Girl
792Louisea chilly lake in W Canada, in SW Alberta in the Canadian Rockies: resort. 5670 feet (1728 meters) above ocean level.Girl
793Lovelycharmingly or wonderfully excellent: an exquisite blossom.Girl
794LucaItalian. Meaning ‘bringer of light’Unisex
795Luciafrom a Latin word signifying "light.Girl
796Lucillerendition of Lucia or Lucy.Girl
797Lucindarendition of Lucy.Girl
798Luckyhaving or set apart by good karma; blessed: That was my day of reckoning.Unisex
799LucyOld TV Show, Born at Dawn, shinyGirl
800LullQuiet and boringGirl
801LuluLittle Woman, old cartoon starGirl
802Lunathe antiquated Roman goddess exemplifying the moon, some of the time related to Diana.Girl
803LuneCrescent shapedGirl
804LupinRemus Lupin is a popular teacher at Hogwarts, was a friend to Harry’s dad, and oh yeah, also a werewolf.Girl
805LupoA royal name of sorts since it belongs to the Cocker Spaniel owned by Prince William and Kate Middleton.Unisex
807Lydiaan old realm in W Asia Minor: under Croesus, a well off domain including the greater part of Asia Minor.Girl
808Lylaversion of LEILA.Girl
810Lyuhalove of the peopleUnisex
811MabelMedieval version of AMABILISGirl
812MacyU.S. retail dealer.Unisex
813Maddieversion of MADELINE or MADISON.Girl
814MaddoxAnglo-Welsh origin meaning ‘benefactors son’Unisex
815Madisonspouse of James Madison.Unisex
816Madokacircle, roundGirl
818MaggieChild of lightGirl
819MagnusA Latin name meaning “the greatest.”Boy
820MahoBeach on St Johns IslandGirl
822Maikochild of danceUnisex
823MajorLatin word meaning ‘greater’Boy
824Makitrue hopeUnisex
826MaldiveType of coral found in the CaribbeanUnisex
827MaliaHawaiian version of MARIA.Girl
828MalihaAn Arabic name that means beautiful, elegant and strongGirl
829MalloryU.S. legal advisor and government official.Unisex
830Mamitrue beautyGirl
832Manamiloving beautifulGirl
833Manjua popular Japanese confection made from boiled beans and sugar.Girl
834Maodance cherry blossomUnisex
835Mapleany of various trees or bushes of the class Acer, types of which are developed as shade or elaborate trees, for timber, or for sap.Unisex
836Marathe divine force of death, at times observed as one part of a divine being whose other angle is Kama, or sexual want.Girl
837MarcoA name meaning “warlike,” it was made famous by the 13th century Italian merchant and traveler Marco Polo.Boy
839Margotrendition of Margaret.Girl
840MarigoldType of flowerGirl
841Marikotrue village childGirl
842Marilynrendition of Mary.Girl
843Marinameans from the seaUnisex
844MarleyBob Marley was the first global superstar to arise from the third world and the Caribbean more specifically The breakout member of the trio The Wailers, Bobby Marley lost his battle with melanoma cancer at the tender age of 36Unisex
845MarloweThe Big SleepUnisex
846MaruStray dog from Kimi ni TodokeGirl
847Marythe mother of Jesus.Girl
848Masajust / trueUnisex
849Masaakipleasing brightnessBoy
850Masakigreat timber treeUnisex
852Masashirighteous aspirationBoy
853Masatorighteous personBoy
854Masayoshirighteous, honorableUnisex
855Masayukirighteous blessingBoy
856Masumitrue clarityGirl
857MateoHebrew origin meaning ‘gift of God’Boy
859Maudevariant of MAUD.Girl
860MaxOne of the most popular names for dogs.Boy
861Maxi, MaxineFemale version of MaxGirl
862Mayaas in AngelouUnisex
863Mayumitrue gentle beautyGirl
864MaziePopular tv starGirl
866MckennaIrish on-screen character.Unisex
867Medwynstrong friendUnisex
868MelangeFrench for mixture.Unisex
870MelodyMusical arrangementGirl
871MenchiExcel’s dog from Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel SagaUnisex
873MezclaSpanish for mixture.Unisex
875Mialost without a trace.Girl
876MiamiFlorida BeachGirl
878Michikobeautiful wise childGirl
879Michioman on a journeyBoy
881Miekobeautiful blessing childGirl
882Mihoprotected, guaranteed beautyUnisex
883Mikabeautiful fragranceUnisex
884Mikibeautiful princessUnisex
885Mikubeautiful skyGirl
886Miladear oneUnisex
887MilanIs a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coming together’Unisex
888Mileyactress and singer Miley CyrusGirl
889Millierendition of Millicent or Mildred.Girl
890MiloNow a very famous drink in New Zealand, the name Milo is an Old Germanic form of the name Miles, which comes from the Latin word for ‘soldier’Boy
891Mimiversion of MARIA and other names beginning with M.Girl
892Minakobeautiful childGirl
893Minniemother; mother.Girl
895Miobeautiful cherry blossomGirl
896MirandaVenezuelan revolutionist and loyalist.Unisex
897Misakibeautiful blossomGirl
898Missyyouthful miss; young lady.Girl
899MistyCovered with Misty DewGirl
900MitsukoThe words mean “light” and “child,” and this is usually a girl’s name in Japan. Why not make it a Japanese dog name, too?Girl
901Mitsuoshining heroBoy
902Mitsurusatisfy, fullUnisex
903Mitzi (short for Maria)Bitter, beloved, rebel, wished-for childUnisex
904Miwabeautiful hamony, peaceGirl
905Miyakobeautiful night childGirl
906Miyubeautiful gentleGirl
907Miyukibeautiful blessingGirl
908Mochaa seaport in the Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea.Girl
909MochiThis rice cake is eaten during the New Year and other special celebrations.Unisex
910MogwaiChinese ghostUnisex
911MollyAnother name for MaryGirl
912Momokapeach tree flowerGirl
913MonetThis Impressionist is considered one of the landmark French artists.Unisex
914MontanaAs in Big Sky Country.Unisex
915Morganone of a type of light carriage and seat steeds slipped from the stallion Justin Morgan.Unisex
916Morikochild of the forestGirl
917MoroiRomanian vampire or ghostUnisex
918MorselA small piece or amountUnisex
919MortonThe king of table saltBoy
920MosaicMade of many colors.Unisex
921MotleyMixed or varied, a nod to the band Motley Crew.Unisex
922MowgliThe Jungle BookBoy
923Moxieforce; verve; pep.Unisex
924Muffinan individual cup-molded speedy bread made with wheat flour, cornmeal, or something like that, and prepared in a container (biscuit dish) containing a progression of cuplike structures.Unisex
925MugsyMug' is a slang word alluding to the faceUnisex
926MujinaJapanese spiritUnisex
927MullinsA cliff surrounded beach on BarbadosUnisex
928Myaversion of MAYA.Girl
930MystAncient spelling of mistUnisex
931NabokovAuthor of LolitaUnisex
932NachoEveryone’s favorite snack.Unisex
934NalaMeans "stem" in Sanskrit.Girl
936Nanamiseven seasGirl
937Nanetteform of Ann.Girl
939Naokihonest timber treeBoy
940Naokohonest childUnisex
941Naomihonest beautifulGirl
942NapirMoon god in Elamite mythologyUnisex
943NashBritish origin meaning ‘by the ash tree’Unisex
944NasirArabic origin meaning ‘supporter’Unisex
945Natsukisummer hopeUnisex
946Natsumibeautiful summerGirl
947NavyDeep shade of blueUnisex
948Nellvariant of Helen.Unisex
949Nellievariant of Helen.Unisex
950NemoThe title character in “Finding Nemo.”Boy
951NeroIt means “black” in Italian.Boy
952NiaSwahili for lustrousGirl
955NikkoBritish origin meaning ‘victory’Boy
956NileIrish origin meaning ‘champion’Unisex
957Ninayoung lady; youngster.Girl
958NinjaMasked man proficient in the martial arts Ninjutsu, known for stealth.Girl
959NishaAnother female name that means “night,” this time from Sanskrit.Girl
960NixonBritish origin meaning ‘son of Nicholas’Unisex
961Noboruascend, riseBoy
962Nobukofaithful, trustworthy childGirl
963NoelleBorn on Christmas; Shorten version can be NoelGirl
964Nolaversion of MAGNOLIA, FINOLA and other names containing a similar sound.Girl
965NombleSouth African for ‘beauty’Unisex
966NoodlePasta; a silly personUnisex
967Noravariant of Honora.Girl
968Norian ocean growth having a somewhat sweet, salty taste, typically dried, utilized in Japanese cookery mostly as a wrap for sushi.Girl
969Norikolawful childGirl
970Noriolawful manBoy
971Normathe Rule, a little southern star grouping among Lupus and Ara.Girl
972Novaa star that out of nowhere gets a huge number of times more splendid and afterward slowly blurs to its unique power.Girl
974Nuttahmy heartGirl
976NyxGreek primordial goddess of darkness and the nightGirl
978OctaviaLatin origin meaning ‘eighth’Unisex
979Odessaa seaport in South Ukraine, on the Black Sea.Unisex
980OdinNorse origin. Odin was the god of Norse mythology, identified with art, culture and warBoy
981Okilike Okinawa, a chain of more than a hundred small islands in the southwest of mainland JapanUnisex
982Olivethis name means ‘symbol of peace’Girl
983Olive, OliviaA fruit-bearing tree; Olive Oyl was Popeye's girlfriendGirl
984OllieShort for Oliver. Ollie is from Germany and means ‘elf army’Unisex
986OraLatin for prayUnisex
987OreoPopular cookie, black and whiteUnisex
988OribelLatin for ‘beautiful child of God’Unisex
989OrionThis Greek giant ended up as a constellation, where he’s known as the hunter.Unisex
990OrlyHebrew for lightUnisex
991OrsonLatin origin meaning ‘bear’Boy
992OrthrusMythological Greek two-headed dog owned by the giant Geryon.Unisex
993Osakaone of the country’s largest cities.Boy
994Osamudisciplined, studiousBoy
995OtisOld German origin meaning ‘wealth’Boy
996OxfordBlack and white shoes, popular in the 1950s.Boy
997OzzyGerman meaning ‘God’s power’Boy
998Pabloas in the poet NerudaBoy
999PaceHebrew origin meaning ‘Passover’Boy
1000PacoOne of the nicknames for Francisco.Boy
1001PaigeU.S. baseball player.Unisex
1002Paisleya delicate woolen texture woven with an example of beautiful and minutely definite figures.Girl
1003PakkunNinja dog from NarutoUnisex
1004PanchoAnother nickname for Francisco, this was also the name of Pancho Villa, a general in the Mexican revolution.Boy
1005PandaChina's national symbol and gentle giant.Girl
1006PandoraFull of random surprises (like the box)Girl
1007Pariscapital city in FranceUnisex
1008ParkerU.S. jazz saxophonist and writer.Unisex
1009PartiParti-colored or multicolored.Unisex
1010PashaAn individual of high rankUnisex
1011PatchesBlocks of color, repairs to cloth.Unisex
1012PaytonU.S. football player.Unisex
1014Peanutthe unit or the encased consumable seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea, of the vegetable family: the case is constrained underground in developing, where it matures.Unisex
1015PearlTreasure made by oystersGirl
1016Pebbleslittle, adjusted stone, particularly one worn smooth by the activity of water.Girl
1017PedroSpanish origin meaning ‘rock’Boy
1018Peggyrendition of Margaret.Girl
1019Penelopethe spouse of Odysseus, who stayed dedicated to him during his long nonattendance at Troy.Girl
1020PennySpunky; copper coinGirl
1021PepperPeppercorns come in a variety of colors black, white rose and green.Girl
1022PepsiFull of energy, black like the sodaGirl
1023PercyThe spoiled Pug dog in Disney’s “Pocahontas.”Boy
1024PerditaThe mother of the brood of Dalmatians in “101 Dalmatians.”Girl
1025PerseusGreek origin. In Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae’Boy
1026PetalPart of a flower (plays on the word 'pet')Girl
1027PetraGreek word meaning ‘stone’ or ‘rock’Girl
1028PhantomBadly scarred composer, the Phantom of the Opera wears an oddly shaped white mask to hide his facial deformities.Unisex
1030Phoebeany of a few little American flycatchers of the sort Sayornis, particularly S. phoebe, of eastern North America.Girl
1031PicklesThe real thing may be sour, but this name will make you smile (and so will your dog).Unisex
1032PiedHaving many colors.Unisex
1033PintoPaint markings on a horse, nickname of Animal House character.Boy
1035PippaItalian adaptation of Philippa.Girl
1036PippiPippi LongstockingGirl
1037PippinLatin origin meaning ‘foreigner’Unisex
1038PippyFirst name of Pippy LongstockingsGirl
1039PiscoA brandy-like liquor made from grapes that comes from Chile and Peru.Unisex
1041PlataSpanish meaning "silver"Unisex
1042PlayaSpanish for beachUnisex
1043PlutoThe pet dog in Mickey and Minnie’s crew.Boy
1044Poeas in Edgar AllenGirl
1045PolentaAn Italian dish made with cornmeal.Unisex
1046Pollyan agreeable parrot.Girl
1047PongoThe father of the brood of Dalmatian pups in Disney’s “101 Dalmatians.”Unisex
1048PontoonType of boatUnisex
1049Poppyany plant of the sort Papaver, having garish, normally red blossoms.Girl
1050Portiathe champion of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, who, in one scene, masks herself as a legal advisor.Girl
1051Posie (or Posy or Posey)One of the old-fashioned flower names that are so hot today.Unisex
1052PotatoFluffy stray puppy from AirUnisex
1053Preciousof significant expense or extraordinary worth; truly important or exorbitant: valuable metaUnisex
1055PresleyEveryone thinks of Elvis when they hear this name but it is a name that has been used since the 12th century and means ‘priest’s meadow’Unisex
1056PriceOld French origin meaning ‘prize’Unisex
1057PrimroseA kind of flower (plays on the word 'prim')Girl
1058PrincessQueen's daughter, royaltyGirl
1059PriscillaFamous singer's daughter, princess like, long lifeGirl
1060PrismDevice that fractures light into multiple colors.Unisex
1061Priyalovable, belovedGirl
1062PsychedelicRichly saturated colors inspired by psychedelic experiences.Unisex
1063PuffinBlack and white bird with an orange bill.Unisex
1064Pugs PunnyGot a Pug who needs a name? This one might do.Unisex
1065Pumpkinan enormous, consumable, orange-yellow natural product borne by a coarse, decumbent vine, Cucurbita pepo, of the gourd family.Girl
1066PushkinFamous Russian writer and the Russian Shakespeare Name your kitty Pushkin because it sounds like Pusskins!Unisex
1067PuzzleA test of ingenuity, the puzzle solver must piece together disparate pieces in order to form a logical solution.Unisex
1068QiChinese origin meaning ‘enlightenment’Unisex
1069QueenieRoyal and regalGirl
1070Queridadear one, belovedGirl
1071QuillenIrish origin meaning ‘cub’Boy
1072QuinceA fruit that’s like an apple.Unisex
1073QuinnCeltic for wiseUnisex
1074QuintoLatin origin meaning ‘fifth born son’Boy
1076RainbowRefracted light following a rainstorm.Unisex
1077Ramena Japanese soup dish.Unisex
1078RamiArabic origin meaning ‘loving’Boy
1079RangerAnother outdoor profession that fits hunting dogs.Boy
1080RashaYoung gazelleGirl
1081RastaRastafarianism evolved as a religion and social movement in Jamaica in the 1930s Smoking ganja, or the weed of wisdom, helps Rasta's adherents to attain wisdomUnisex
1082RathiIndonesian goddess of the moonGirl
1083RaulSpanish originBoy
1084RavenBlack birdUnisex
1085ReaganAnother Irish name meaning “little king,” which pretty much describes any tiny male dog.Unisex
1086ReardonHank Reardon, protagonist of Atlas Shrugged, invents a new form of steel that is blue-green and far superior to stainless steel in strengthBoy
1087ReeseAnglicized version of RHYS, also used as a feminine form.Unisex
1089ReikoCourteous childGirl
1090Remystraight hairUnisex
1091Renlotus / loveUnisex
1092ReneMeans reborn in French.Unisex
1093RexLatin origin meaning ‘king’Boy
1094RhettGone With the WindBoy
1095RiggsSail riggingBoy
1096Rikatrue fragranceGirl
1097Rikochild of truthUnisex
1099Rikutoperson of landBoy
1101Rin Tin TinA famous dog name popularized by an international dog movie star.Unisex
1103RinconPlaya Rincon is a Dominican Republic beachUnisex
1104Riovillage cherry blossomUnisex
1105Rip Van WinkleRip for short?Unisex
1107Ritathe Vedic idea of inestimable and social request.Girl
1108RiverA popular British name for people who love natureBoy
1109RobinBruce Wayne ward, Dick Grayson, seconds Batman as the younger, smaller half of the Dynamic Duo.Unisex
1110RockefellerBeach on St BarthBoy
1111RogueLet’s hope your pet doesn’t live up to this name!Girl
1112Rokurosixth sonUnisex
1113RolandGerman origin meaning ‘renowned land’Boy
1114RomeoItalian origin. The name is best known for the star crossed lover from William Shakespeare famous playBoy
1115RomyFrom RomeGirl
1116RooYou can’t go wrong with names from “Winnie-the-Pooh,” especially this one that belonged to the young kangaroo.Boy
1117Rosaleenbeautiful little RoseGirl
1118Rosaliefrom a Latin word importance rose celebration.Girl
1119Rosemaryan evergreen bush, Rosmarinus officinalis, of the mint family, local to the Mediterranean area, having weathered, limited leaves and light blue, chime molded blossoms, utilized as a flavoring and in perfumery and drug: a conventional image of recognition.Girl
1120RosieCheerful and delicate (rose-like)Girl
1121Rover ClevelandThe 22nd and 24th president’s name does lend itself to this dog pun.Unisex
1122Rowanthe European mountain debris, Sorbus aucuparia, having pinnate leaves and groups of brilliant red berries.Unisex
1123RoxyMorning, BrightGirl
1124Roz, Rozz (from Rosalind)Beautiful; pretty as a roseGirl
1125RubyRed jewelGirl
1126Rumithe poetGirl
1127RupaHindi name meaning ‘silver and beauty’Girl
1129Ruthpity or sympathy.Girl
1130Ruthieversion of RUTH.Girl
1131RyleeLoyal companionUnisex
1132Rylieversion of RILEY.Unisex
1133Ryorefreshing, coolUnisex
1134Ryoichigood first sonBoy
1135Ryokorefreshing childGirl
1136Ryokuchaa Japanese green tea.Unisex
1137Ryotagreat refreshmentBoy
1138Sachikojoyful, happy childGirl
1139SadaharuYorozuya’s dog from GintamaUnisex
1141Sagea significantly shrewd individual; an individual celebrated for intelligence.Unisex
1143SakeThe traditional liquor of Japan.Boy
1144Sakiblossom of hopeGirl
1145Sakuracherry blossomGirl
1146SalemHebrew origin meaning ‘peace’Unisex
1147Sallya foray of troops from an attacked spot upon a foe.Girl
1148Sammiea sandwich.Unisex
1150San JoseCapital of Costa RicaUnisex
1151Sandy (short for Alexandria)DefenderUnisex
1152SapphirePrecious stone associated with wisdom, royalty and prophecyGirl
1153SapporoJapan’s fifth largest cityUnisex
1155SashaHelper and Defender of allUnisex
1156Sashimia Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces.Unisex
1157Sassyrude; impolite; saucy: a cheeky answer; a cheeky adolescent.Unisex
1158Satokowise childGirl
1159Satomibeautiful and wiseGirl
1160Satoshiwise, fast learnerBoy
1161SaudaSwahili name meaning ‘dark beauty’Girl
1162SaulHebrew meaning ‘prayed for’Boy
1163Savannaha seaport in E Georgia, close to the mouth of the Savannah River.Girl
1164Sawyeran individual who saws wood, particularly as an occupation.Boy
1165Scarleta splendid red shading slanting toward orange.Girl
1166ScarlettPay homage to the strong, smart women (IRL and in fiction) who’ve had this name, like Scarlet O’Hara (“Gone with the Wind”) and actress Scarlett Johansson.Girl
1167SchoonerMasted shipUnisex
1168ScooterA good name for a speedy dog who likes to jog or walk briskly.Unisex
1169Scouta warrior, warship, plane, and so forth., utilized in surveying.Unisex
1170ScrabbleBoard game with white tile and black letters on them.Unisex
1171ScratchSlang for money or coinageUnisex
1172Sea RayBoat manufacturerUnisex
1173Selenathe Greek goddess of the moon.Girl
1174SeleneGreek goddess of the moonGirl
1175Selmaa city in focal Alabama, on the Alabama River.Girl
1176SequoiaIf you are an avid hiker, you might want to name your new pet after these extremely large trees.Girl
1177Serenaclear, tranquil, sereneGirl
1178SergioLatin origin meaning ‘servant’Boy
1179SeryyRussian for grayUnisex
1180SevenSeven Mile Beach is on the Cayman Islands Also George Costanza's favorite name for a child of either sexUnisex
1181SexyHot or gorgeousUnisex
1182ShadeSpecter or ghostUnisex
1183Shadowa dim figure or picture cast on the ground or some surface by a body blocking light.Boy
1184ShaggyBorn Oliver Richard Burrell, Shaggy is a highly regarded DJ, actor, and singer of reggae and "dancehall" SHaggy makes a cute name for any of the double-coated dogsUnisex
1185ShannonA town in western Ireland, and the home of the third busiest airport in Ireland.Unisex
1186ShantiThe word means “peace” in Sanskrit.Girl
1187Shebathe sovereign who visited Solomon to test his shrewdness. I Kings 10:113.Unisex
1188SheenLuster; gleaming attireBoy
1189Shelbya city in South North Carolina.Unisex
1190Sherlockas in HolmesBoy
1191Shermanas in author AlexieBoy
1192Shigekogrowing childGirl
1194ShilohGifted by GodUnisex
1195Shimmer or ShimmyTremulous light or gleam; to quaver as with heat wavesUnisex
1196ShineTo glow brightlyUnisex
1197Shinjitrue second sonBoy
1201ShirleyEnglish writer.Girl
1202Shirofourth sonBoy
1203Shizukaquiet summerGirl
1204Shizukoquiet childGirl
1205Shoto flyBoy
1206Shoutabig flyingBoy
1207Siennaa ferruginous earth utilized as a yellowish-darker color (crude sienna) or, in the wake of simmering in a heater, as a ruddy darker shade (consumed sienna).Girl
1208Sierraa chain of slopes or mountains, the pinnacles of which propose the teeth of a saw.Unisex
1209SilberGerman meaning "silver"Unisex
1210SilkySilk Stockings, Fred Astaire Top hats and Tuxedo Coat Tails movie.Unisex
1211Silviafrom a Latin word signifying "backwoods.Unisex
1212SimbaThe main character from “The Lion King.”Unisex
1213SinaPolynesian moon goddess that resides in the moonUnisex
1214SiriusSirius Black is Harry’s godfather who turned into a black dog to escape the prison of Azkaban.Boy
1215Sissya delicate kid or man.Girl
1216SitiMalay version of SITA.Girl
1217SkiMask which covers everything but the eyes and mouth, frequently worn by bank robbers.Unisex
1218SkipA child’s best friend is always a dog, and Skip, a Jack Russell Terrier, accompanies his pal Willie everywhere in “My Dog Skip.”Boy
1219SkittlesNinepins in which a wooden ball or disk is used to knock down the pins.Unisex
1220SkyYou’ll see plenty of sky when you head outdoors with your dog.Unisex
1221SkyeAiry and BreezelikeUnisex
1222Skylarversion of SKYLER.Unisex
1223SlateGray shaleBoy
1224SloopType of sailing shipUnisex
1225Smokeyan official or officials of a state roadway watch.Unisex
1226SmugglerSmuggler's Bay is located in the British Virgin IslandsUnisex
1227SnaresPenguin breed.Unisex
1228SnickersWho doesn’t like to give or receive these sweet treats when trick-or-treating?Unisex
1229SnookieReality star nameUnisex
1230Snowballa chunk of snow squeezed or rolled together, concerning tossing.Unisex
1231Sobathe Japanese name for buckwheat. It’s often used for noodles.Unisex
1232SocksSure, it’s not the most original name ever, but it’s adorable when dogs have little contrasting colored paws.Unisex
1233SofiaWise, intelligentGirl
1235SookieReality star nameGirl
1236SophiaMeans "wisdom" in Greek.Girl
1237SophieVery gorgeousGirl
1239SpecterGhost or apparitionUnisex
1240SpinnakerType of sailUnisex
1241SpiritDetached soulUnisex
1242SplashSmall area of bright color.Unisex
1243SpockFor all of you Star-Trek fans!Unisex
1244StaghornType of coralUnisex
1245StarType of coral or fishUnisex
1246StellaSunny or StarGirl
1247SterlingSilver category; only the finest as in a "sterling reputation"Boy
1248StokeTo tend to a fireBoy
1249StokedPumped or excitedUnisex
1250StokerOne who tends the fireUnisex
1251Storman aggravation of the ordinary state of the environment, showing itself by winds of surprising power or bearing, frequently joined by downpour, day off, thunder, and lightning, or flying sand or residue.Unisex
1253StreakLayers of colors.Unisex
1254Sueto establish a procedure in law against; bring a common activity against: to sue somebody for harms.Girl
1255SugarSweet like my dog is sweetGirl
1256Sumikochild of clarityGirl
1257Sumitragood friendGirl
1258SundaeA sweet treat of a name for a super-sweet dog.Unisex
1260Sunnypossessing large amounts of daylight: a radiant day.Unisex
1261Sunny and BoPresident Barack Obama’s two Portuguese Water Dogs.Unisex
1262Susannahbook of the Apocrypha, establishing the thirteenth part of Daniel in the Douay Bible.Girl
1263SushiYour dog probably won’t like sushi (though your cat will), but it makes a good boy dog name as well as one for a girl.Unisex
1264Susumoto advance, proceedUnisex
1268SwashPortion of the beach where the tide ebbs and flowsUnisex
1269SwingSwing Time, a Fred Astaire Top hats and Tuxedo Coat Tails movie.Girl
1270SydneySouth of water, Australian CityUnisex
1271SylasLatin origin meaning ‘of the forest’Boy
1272Sylviaversion of SILVIA. This has been the most common English spelling since the 19th century.Girl
1273TabbyBrown or grey blending in a tiger or mackerel pattern.Unisex
1275Tadakichi-sanWhite Great Pyrenees from Azumanga DaiohUnisex
1276Tadaoloyal, faithful manBoy
1277Tadashiloyal, faithfulBoy
1278TahoeA Native American word that means “edge of the lake,” and, at 191 square miles, one of the larger lakes in the United States.Unisex
1279Taichilarge first sonBoy
1280Taikigreat radiance, shineBoy
1281TajSanskrit origin meaning ‘crown’Unisex
1282Takahiroof great value, nobilityBoy
1283Takakonoble childGirl
1285Takashiprosperous, nobleBoy
1286Takayukinoble journeyBoy
1287Takeowarrior heroBoy
1289TaliaLamb or Soft, Morning DewGirl
1290Tamikochild of many beautiesGirl
1291Tamotsuprotector, keeperBoy
1293Tarolarge sonBoy
1294TartanTartan is a Scottish pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors, typically called plaid.Unisex
1295TateGot a happy dog? Name him after this Norse word for “cheerful.”Unisex
1296TaylorEnglish history specialist.Unisex
1297TazannaBeautiful princessGirl
1298TealA deep-green blue and often a girl's nameGirl
1299TeddyApart from being a soft bear, the name Teddy means ‘wealthy guardian’Unisex
1300Tempuraa Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.Unisex
1301Tennysonthe poetBoy
1302TernionSet of three.Unisex
1303Terukoshining childGirl
1304TessaHarvester, To bring forthGirl
1305TetsuyaTetsuya’s pet dog & mascot of the Seirin Team from Kuroko no BasketBoy
1306TheaShort version of DOROTHEA or THEODORA.Girl
1307Theoa joining structure signifying "god," utilized in the arrangement of compound words: theocrat.Boy
1308ThorNaming your dog after the Norse god of thunder may mean he won’t get scared when he hears it.Unisex
1309ThothEgyptian god, often portrayed with a crescent moon on his head; he is associated with magic and wisdomBoy
1310TianaShort version of TATIANA or CHRISTIANA.Girl
1311TiaraHalf crown made of white gold and precious gemsGirl
1312TieShort for Tie-dyed. Tie or Tye is a good name for both male and female dogs.Unisex
1313TiffanyMeaning ‘God’s incarnate’Girl
1314Tillie, TillyPowerful in fightGirl
1315TinkerbellThe fairy in Peter Pan books and moviesGirl
1316TinselSilvery Christmas decorationUnisex
1317TippyDoes your heart tip over at the sight of your puppy? Then honor that feeling when you give this cute dog name to your pet.Girl
1318TitusLatin origin. Name of a Roman emperor in the first centuryBoy
1319TKAn old-school printing press term that was used as a placeholder (“to come”). It’s a unique dog name that might be useful if you can’t find a name you love!Unisex
1320TobimaruShiba Inu from Stranger: Mukou Hada (Sword of the Stranger)Unisex
1321TobyThis name is short and memorable and ends in the friendly double “y” sound.Boy
1322ToddMiddle English origin meaning ‘fox’Unisex
1323Tokyothe capital and most populous city of JapanUnisex
1324TolstoyAuthor of War and Peace and Anna Karenina Anna also makes a sweet name for a female Russian blueUnisex
1325Tomikochild of wealth, fortuneGirl
1326TommyAn Aramaic name meaning twin (great if you have two dogs!)Unisex
1327Tomomibeautiful friendUnisex
1328Toots HibbertSka legend and lead singer of the trio The Maytals Toots makes a cute name for a small dogUnisex
1329Tootsiea darling; dear.Unisex
1330ToriJapanese origin meaning ‘bird’Unisex
1331ToryThis name of an island also means tower-like rock in Gaelic.Unisex
1332ToshPeter Tosh, the Bush Doctor, was the more militant of the trio, The Wailers Tosh was a great instrumentalist playing melodica, keyboards, guitar, and percussionUnisex
1334Toshiakiadvantageous lightUnisex
1335Toshikoclever childGirl
1336Toshiogenius leader, heroBoy
1337TotoDorothy’s scrappy little Cairn Terrier in the classic “The Wizard of Oz.”Boy
1339TrackerBoat ManufacturerUnisex
1340TrapperYou’ve got to be wily to trap things when you go hunting.Unisex
1341TrawlerFishing boatUnisex
1342TreasureA cay on Bahamas Island AbacoGirl
1343TrifectaA bet in which the gambler correctly predicts the first three finishers. In horse racing that is Win, Place and Show.Unisex
1345TrinityGrouping of three, often holy. Name of female lead character in the Matrix.Girl
1346TripPsychedelic experience.Unisex
1347TrixieBringer of euphoria, happinessGirl
1348TroikaRussian, Trilogy.Unisex
1349Trudyvariant of Gertrude.Girl
1350TrumanIn Cold BloodBoy
1351TsunamiMassive tidal waveUnisex
1353Tucker“Christmas With Tucker” was a Hallmark movie hit, and this name has a noble ring to it.Boy
1354TupeloThe birthplace of Elvis Presley and the name of a certain kind of honey.Unisex
1355TuxFormal wear; the Tuxedo is traditionally black and white.Unisex
1356TweedA cheviot pattern usually in plain, twill or herringbone pattern, achieved by mixing colored yarn before weaving.Boy
1357TwinkieSugary treatUnisex
1358TyBritish originUnisex
1359TyphoonHurricane in the pacificUnisex
1360TysonFrench origin meaning ‘high spirited’Boy
1361Udona type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine.Unisex
1363UlrikGerman origin meaning ‘power of the wolf’Boy
1365UmbraPhantom or shadowy imageUnisex
1366Umekoplum childGirl
1367UmerArabic for ‘prospering or thriving’Boy
1369UnaLatin meaning ‘one’Girl
1370UriHebrew origin meaning ‘my light, my flame’Boy
1371UritHebrew for lightGirl
1372UrsaLatin word for ‘bear’Girl
1373Ursulaan amazing British princess who, with 11,000 virgins, is said to have been martyred by the Huns at Cologne.Girl
1374UsherLatin origin meaning ‘river mouth’Boy
1376Valentinea card or message, typically loving or nostalgic however in some cases ironical or funny, or a token or blessing sent by one individual to another on Valentine's Day, now and again namelessly.Unisex
1377ValentinoLatin origin meaning ‘strong’Boy
1378VanceLatin for brave (can be used for a girl or boy dog)Unisex
1379VanyaGreek for butterflyUnisex
1381Velmarendition of Wilhelmina.Girl
1382VelvetSoft fabricGirl
1383VenitaLatin name meaning ‘Goddess of love’Girl
1384Venusan old Italian goddess of nurseries and spring, recognized by the Romans with Aphrodite as the goddess of affection and magnificence.Girl
1385VeraItalian place name for a town in ItalyGirl
1386VictorLatin for ‘champion’Boy
1387Victoriathe antiquated Roman goddess of triumph, related to the Greek goddess Nike.Girl
1388Vidabeloved, friendUnisex
1389VikaFrom the creekGirl
1390VincentLatin meaning ‘prevailing’Boy
1391Violetany mainly low, stemless or verdant stemmed plant of the sort Viola, having purple, blue, yellow, white, or variegated blossoms.Girl
1392Virginiaa state in the E United States, on the Atlantic coast: some portion of the verifiable South. 40,815 sq. mi. (105,710 sq. km). Capital: Richmond. Shortened form: VA (for use with postal division), Va.Girl
1393VitoLatin origin meaning ‘life-giving’Boy
1394Vivia joining structure signifying "living," "alive," utilized in the arrangement of compound words: vivisection.Girl
1395Viviennesorcerer, the escort of Merlin: known as the Lady of the Lake.Girl
1396Vixena female fox.Unisex
1397WafllesBatter cakes cooked in a waffle ironUnisex
1398Wakanaharmonious musicGirl
1399Wantafrom Effen LiedUnisex
1400WeasleyThe Weasley clan take Harry into their family, and Ron is one of Harry’s best and most loyal friends.Unisex
1401WhiskeyYou might think the Scots invented this alcoholic beverage, but the Irish take credit too.Unisex
1402WhisperQuiet voiceGirl
1403WhitmanLeaves of Grass and moreBoy
1404WhitneyU.S. maker and designer.Girl
1405WidgetSmall gadgetUnisex
1406Wigglesmove or go with short, fast, sporadic developments from side to side: The doggies squirmed with please.Unisex
1407WilderThe Little House on the PrairieUnisex
1408WileyBritish origin meaning ‘crafty’Boy
1409WilfredaBritish origin meaning ‘desiring peace’Girl
1410Willavariant of Wilhelmina.Girl
1411WillieCan’t go wrong naming your dog after country singing icon Willie Nelson.Unisex
1412WillowType of tree; character in Buffy the Vampire SlayerUnisex
1413WilmerOld German origin meaning ‘strong desire’Boy
1414WinifredAnglicized version of GWENFREWI, the spelling altered by association with WINFRED.Unisex
1415WinnieFriend; titular character in Winnie-the-PoohUnisex
1416WinstonWinston Rodney, the lead singer of the group, Burning Spear; considered Rasta's ambassadorBoy
1417Winterthe virus season among fall and spring in northern scopes (in the Northern Hemisphere from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox; in the Southern Hemisphere from the mid year solstice to the harvest time equinox).Unisex
1418WispThin streak of smokeUnisex
1419WraithThe ghost of a once living personUnisex
1420Wrenany of various little, dynamic warblers of the family Troglodytidae, particularly troglodytes, of the Northern Hemisphere, having dull dark colored plumage banned with dark and a short, upstanding tail.Unisex
1421Xandimeaning ‘defender of humankind’Unisex
1422XaraHebrew for a princessGirl
1423XavierSpanish origin meaning ‘bright and splendid’Boy
1424Xelafrench for ‘from the mountain home’Unisex
1425Xenamain character in the 1990s television series Xena: Warrior Princess.Girl
1426XenoGreek origin, meaning ‘foreign voice’Boy
1427XiaGlow of daylightUnisex
1429YaleA deep shade of blue associated with Yale's colorsUnisex
1430Yamatogreat harmonyBoy
1431YanaHebrew meaning ‘God is gracious’Girl
1432YaraAnother girl’s name that’s rising in the popularity charts, maybe thanks to “Game of Thrones” character Yara Greyjoy.Girl
1433YashSanskrit origin meaning ’eminence’Boy
1434YashashreeThe Goddess of successGirl
1435Yasmin, YasmineJasmine flowerGirl
1437Yasukochild of peaceGirl
1439Yin YangThe Chinese philosophy in which all forces opposite are interconnected and inseparable.Unisex
1440YodaHebrew origin meaning ‘one who knows’Unisex
1441YokoChild; Yoko OnoGirl
1443YoshiGood, virtuous, respectableUnisex
1444Yoshiebeautiful streamGirl
1445Yoshikochild of goodnessGirl
1446Yoshiojoyful lifeBoy
1447Yoshirorighteous sonUnisex
1448Yoshitoceremonial, correct personBoy
1449Youtagreat sunlightBoy
1450Yuabinding loveUnisex
1451Yuibind clothingUnisex
1452Yuichiheroic first sonUnisex
1453Yuinabind togetherGirl
1454Yujiheroic second sonUnisex
1455Yukagentle flowerGirl
1456Yukaribeautiful pear treeGirl
1457YukiJapanese for ‘snow’Unisex
1458Yukikochild of snow / child of happinessGirl
1459YukioJapanese origin meaning ‘snow’Boy
1460Yukogentle childGirl
1461Yumireason beautifulGirl
1462Yumikoreason beautiful childGirl
1463Yuria popular Russian male nameUnisex
1464Yurikolily childGirl
1466YvonneFrench version of YVON.Unisex
1467ZackHebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’Boy
1468ZaileyMashup of Zoe and HailyUnisex
1469ZaneHebrew origin meaning ‘God is gracious’Unisex
1470ZannaGod's giftGirl
1471ZaraArabic meaning ‘Radiance’Girl
1473ZekeA name with a country vibe.Boy
1475ZelieFrench meaning ‘solemn’Girl
1476ZeusGreek origin meaning ‘living’Boy
1478ZiggyForm of Sigmund; zigzaggyUnisex
1479Ziggy MarleySon of the reggae icon, Bob Marley, Ziggy lead the family band, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, to earn his own place in the pantheon of reggae legendsUnisex
1480ZionHebrew origin meaning ‘highest point’Boy
1481Zipper, ZippyFast moverUnisex
1482ZivagoFamous Russian doctor played by Omar ShariffUnisex
1484ZoeyMeaning ‘life’Girl
1486ZoraTheir Eyes Were Watching GodGirl
1487ZorroLatino vigilante, Zorro leaves his mark by etching a "Z" into walls and curtains to sign his good deeds and acts of vengeance.Boy
1488ZuriMeans "beautiful" in Swahili.Girl
1489ZydecoA Creole music tradition, blending blues, R&B as well as traditional Creole (Louisiana natives comprised of a mix of African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American, and European descendants) musicUnisex