About Tips

“Allow me to introduce myself, dear humans. I go by the name of Tips, a moniker that surely tickles the funny bone. Can’t deny it, it’s quite an interesting name, wouldn’t you agree? As luck would have it, I reside on a sprawling farm, a haven of boundless space where I can unleash my energy and indulge in endless frolics. Oh, the joy of playtime with my delightful siblings and the cheerful children who grace this abode! You see, I am but one of six Golden Retriever puppies, all born to our beloved Mama, Trixy. Fear not, for I shall receive the esteemed honor of a vet check-up, ensuring perfect health. My vaccinations will be diligently kept up to date, and I shall be freed from any pesky worms through deworming. To put your mind at ease, I even come with a 30-day health guarantee—an added bonus, if you will. Now, if you find yourself yearning for a new best friend, look no further, for I eagerly volunteer for the role. Simply reach out to my devoted family, and they shall reserve or graciously allow me to join your own noble clan. Together, we shall embark on a grand adventure, forging a bond that will withstand the test of time.”

My Information

Name Tips Gender Male
Birth 2024-02-14 Age
Breed Golden Retriever Price $599.00

Contact:   570-523-4082

Address:   Lewisburg, PA

Available Time:   Available Now

My Breed Characteristics

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