About Champ

Say hello to Champ, the most stunning German Shepherd puppy you’ll ever lay eyes on! Seriously, this little furball is something special. At just a few weeks old, he’s already showing off all the traits that run in his famous family. Picture this: a sleek black and tan coat that’s as soft as can be, a body that’s perfectly proportioned, and eyes that sparkle with intelligence. Champ’s got it all going on! But here’s the best part: he’s not just a pretty face. This pup is full of energy and loves to play. And guess what? He’s a quick learner too! With the right training, he’s got the potential to be a true champion. Plus, he’s been raised with lots of love and care, so you know he’ll grow up to be a loyal and confident companion. Whether you’re into dog sports or just want a furry best friend, Champ’s got you covered. Get ready to welcome this superstar pup into your life and watch him shine!

My Information

Name Champ Gender Male
Birth 2024-03-01 Age
Breed German Shepherd Dog Price $2,000.00

Contact:   609-213-3332

Address:   Lambertville, New Jersey

Available Time:   2024-04-26

My Breed Characteristics

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