About Batman

Introducing the one and only Batman, the hero of happiness and love! With his unique merle tweed coat, he’s as stunning as a superhero in action. Batman is not just brave, but he’s also a quick learner in the potty training department. He’s acing it like a true champion! This friendly and energetic boy is always ready for some playtime fun at a moment’s notice. But you know what his secret weapon is? Cuddles and kisses! Batman can’t resist them, and he’ll shower you with love in return. Oh, and let’s not forget his superpower of taking the most epic naps and having seconds for lunch and dinner. He knows how to enjoy the good life! Batman is more than just a pet; he’s your new best friend, ready to bring joy to your life. Just take a look at his transformation from 3 to 7 weeks old in those adorable photos. And guess what? The breeder guarantees that every puppy, including Batman, is free from genetic diseases and disorders that could cause any premature troubles. It’s a guarantee fit for a superhero! So, don’t wait any longer to welcome Batman into your home and experience the love and adventure he brings. Get ready for a lifetime of unforgettable moments and superhero snuggles!

My Information

Name Batman Gender Male
Birth 2023-10-23 Age
Breed French Bulldog Price $2,200.00

Contact:   305-794-3103

Address:   Homestead, Florida

Available Time:   Available Now

My Breed Characteristics

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