About Babe

Prepare to be captivated by the sheer adorableness of Babe, an irresistible puppy destined to steal your heart. Born to parents who boast an impressive array of health clearances, Babe comes from a lineage that prioritizes the well-being and genetic integrity of their offspring. With both parents testing negative for debilitating genetic diseases, you can rest easy knowing that Babe is free from the burden of such ailments, sparing you the anguish and costly veterinary expenses associated with them. From the moment of her birth, Babe has been showered with love and affection, ensuring a strong foundation of nurturing care. As she transitions into her new home, Babe will arrive with the assurance of being well-loved and properly socialized. Her well-being is of utmost importance, as evidenced by her first immunizations, comprehensive flea and tick prevention, deworming (including heartworm prevention), AKC registration form, and a certificate of health from a trusted veterinarian. Additionally, we proudly offer a 24-month hip guarantee, providing you with added peace of mind. Welcome Babe into your life, and experience the joy of a cherished companion who is not only irresistibly adorable but also backed by a commitment to her health and well-being.

My Information

Name Babe Gender Female
Birth 2023-12-06 Age
Breed Labrador Retriever Price $1,500.00 Requires a $500.00 deposit.

Contact:   814-329-4476

Address:   Roaring Spring, PA

Available Time:   2024-01-31

My Breed Characteristics

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