This handsome and vocal boy is Romeo. We unfortunately do not have any prior information on these two. What we’ve been able to observe so far at the shelter is that Juliet is a bit on the shy side compared to Romeo but still very friendly towards her animal tenders. They both appear to have a lot of energy and Romeo can be quite the talker (he likes to think he’s a smooth talker). They both appear to be housebroken but could highly benefit from a basic obedience class! We do not know how either of them do with other dogs, cats, pocket pets, or livestock. If choosing to introduce them to other animals please do so in a safe and controlled environment! Romeo definitely likes to jump on people and he is a strong boy so please keep that in mind. A harness might be a nice tool for walking. Both Romeo and Juliet are 5 years old, and our vet recommends that they have a dental cleaning in about a year. In the mean time they would love to have plenty of bones to chew on to help keep their plaque and tartar to a minimum. These two are quite the pair and looking for their new forever homes. If either Romeo or Juliet sounds like the pup for you please give the shelter a call!

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Breed Karelian Bear Dog Mix Gender Male
Location Fairbanks, AK Age Adult
Size Large Adoption Fee


2408 Davis Road at Peger Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 459-1451

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Spayed / neutered

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