About Shadow

Shadow is a beautiful calm and content all white boy with an even more beautiful personality! Shadow is the smallest of the litter but has the biggest heart! WARNING: Shadow is the BOSS! He will try to train you. His favorite weapons are his pretty dark eyes, a tilt of the head, and make cute little sounds to get your attention so you will obey his every command, especially to play! But when he starts to bark, don’t take it lightly! Ever heard of the mouse that roared? Shadow may be the runt but that has never stopped him before. There’s no stopping this little guy! His father, Bogey, is double registered with UABR (United All Breed Registration) and AKC (American Kennel Club). His mother, Bacall, is registered with UABR also. Both parents are caring and loving as they are Maltese! So no surprise their baby boy will take after them. Your Puppy Package will include Shadow’s three favorite toys, 2-3 days of Puppy Kibble and wet chow, shot records, favorite feeding bowl, owner transfer papers and other important UABR registration information in regards to Shadow. These little puppies already have already so much love to give! Want some of that love? Call before it’s too late! First come, first serve! We ONLY RESPOND TO PHONE CALLS!

My Information

Name Shadow Gender Male
Birth 2023-05-29 Age
Breed Maltese Price 2000

Contact:   215-384-6864

Address:   Philadelphia, PA

Available Time:   2023-08-02

My Breed Characteristics

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