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Note from the breeder: This precious little puppy is a spitting image of her mother. She has inherited her mother’s loving and loyal nature, although she does have a hint of reservedness. If you’re seeking a calm and gentle giant as a loyal companion, she is more than ready to fill that role. Our family has cared for her since her mother sadly passed away when she was just five days old. She holds a special place in our hearts and has been showered with love and attention ever since. Now, she’s eagerly awaiting the opportunity to bring joy and companionship to a new forever home.

My Information

Name Sammy of Rose Hill Gender Female
Birth 2024-01-08 Age
Breed Newfoundland Price $1,750.00

Contact:   315-246-7112

Address:   Waterloo, New York

Available Time:   Available Now

My Breed Characteristics

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