About Cupcake

This lovable Yorkie, with a playful nature and a mischievous twinkle in his expressive dark eyes, is sure to capture your heart. Meet Cupcake, a delightful bundle of energy who revels in chasing his favorite toys, his tail wagging with infectious joy as he prances around. Yet, Cupcake’s lively spirit is balanced by moments of pure affection, as he eagerly snuggles up in your lap, craving the warmth of human companionship. This captivating Yorkie is ready to bring endless amusement and cuddles into your life. Come meet Cupcake and experience the joy of welcoming this charming pup into your family.

My Information

Name Cupcake Gender Male
Birth 2024-02-01 Age
Breed Yorkshire Terrier Price $1,950.00

Contact:   574-377-6362

Address:   WARSAW, IN

Available Time:   2024-03-29

My Breed Characteristics

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