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The wolf-dog hybrid, or simply hybrid, is a term popularly used to describe a cross between a domestic dog and a wolf.

As far as behavior is concerned, wolves and dogs are very similar. They also share an evolutionary history.

In case you’re wondering how, wolves are the parent animal of domestic dogs, as the latter domestically evolved over centuries from the former.

For those who didn’t know, domestication is the process by which a wild animal is made to adapt to humans. This involves selective breeding by humans and the process takes thousands of years.

In the course of domestication, a dog’s behavioral patterns and life cycle will become permanently altered from that of a wild wolf.

This is why wolves and dogs are interfertile (they can mate and produce healthy offspring). Their offspring are also capable of giving birth to offspring of their own.

Hybrids can occur naturally, but it’s a rare event since wolves are very territorial animals who protect their zones from other canines, including coyotes and other wolves.

Wolves are naturally ruled by their instincts, whether they are in captivity or free in the wild, and their behaviors are very consistent. Although you can expect some level of unpredictability, just as it is with other wild animals.

Those who own wolf-dog breeds sometimes find it hard to predict their behavior. This is a result of the diversity of genetic composition which causes altering behavioral patterns.

You should keep in mind that the maturity rate of wolves and domestic dogs are different. This makes the physical and psychological development of a wolf-dog breed pretty unpredictable.

With all these in mind, you may wonder if keeping a wolf-dog breed as a pet is a good idea.

The truth is, some hybrid owners have had good success raising their pets, especially if they had them at a young, trainable age. Others may not fare so well, especially if they got the dog at a mature age.

It’s difficult to predict the amount of success you will have with training yours. But you can stay on the safe side and get yours when it’s a puppy.

You know what they say – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

That being said, we urge you to view this list which contains some of the most popular, trainable wolf-dog breeds you can find.

Wolf Dog Breeds