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When it comes to dogs, we all have our ideal looks or preferences. Some like them big, but some like them small; some like the dark-furred breeds, while others love those with white coats.

Some dogs have slightly white markings, while others are completely covered in it.

If you’re a lover of white dog breeds, then you’re reading the right page, as we will be providing you with a list of a wide variety of them.

Before we jump into the list though, it would be nice to determine what causes a dog’s hair to turn white.

First of all, a dog’s hair can turn white when there is low production of melanin. In case you don’t know, melanin is the pigment responsible for coloring fur. A lack of it means the dog’s fur will whiten.

The most common cause of white hair in dogs is aging. The older the dog gets, the whiter its hair becomes (although that doesn’t classify as a white dog breed).

There are other medical conditions that could lead to the whitening of a dog’s hair. If you notice your dog’s hair becoming unusually white, then be sure to check with your vet just to be sure he’s healthy!

Genetics could also be responsible for the whitening of a dog’s fur, as they may go through several pigmentary changes from the early stages of their lives.

The progressive graying gene is one such, known to cause premature graying of hair in dogs. This is according to Dr. Sheila M. Schmutz of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Several other factors could lead to a dog growing white fur. These include environmental factors such as the sun, heat, and cold.

Whatever the causes are, white is always a beautiful color to have on your dog. I must tell you though, it’s a color that requires extra care and treatment.

Unlike dark-furred breeds, all the dirt that gets picked up during play-time will be more pronounced on the body of a white-furred breed. This means you need to give him as many baths as required if you want to keep his hair looking snow-white all the time.

So, now that you’re aware of what may cause a dog’s fur to whiten, and you’ve been hinted on the extra baths you have to give him to maintain his clean white looks, we can now proceed to list out some white dog breeds for you to choose from.

Let’s go!

White Dog Breeds