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Do you have a huge heart and lots of love to give a canine companion, but just don’t have the space to keep one, or the strength to wrangle a large, playful pooch?

Well, we have the answer for you. We’ve rounded up a list of the friendliest downsized dog breeds. All the dogs in this list fall into the ‘toy dog’ category.

These pups don’t take up much space. They won’t pull you over when they see the neighbor’s cat while you are out walking, and won’t break the bank with their food and vet bills.

But as the saying goes, great things come in small packages. And these pups pack in tons of personality, love, playfulness, and loyalty into a little package of doggie goodness.

Just to be clear, we don’t mean these dogs are playthings that can be treated like toys (even though some of the pups on our list are as cute and cuddly as your kid’s favorite stuffed bear) and they also aren’t dog toys.

The ‘toy dog’ category is used for pups that weigh between 7 to 35 pounds.

A lot of people may think that toy dog breeds are all lap dogs. Well, look through our list and we bet you will be surprised by the range of different dogs you find there.

In addition to including some of the ancient lapdog breeds, the toy dog category includes Poodles, Italian Greyhounds and French Bulldogs.

You will also find small versions of hunting dogs or working dogs like spaniels, pinschers, and terriers that have been bred down in size for a particular kind of work.

Historically, small dogs that were not used for hunting were kept as symbols of wealth, as watchdogs, and for the health function of attracting fleas away from their owners!

Thankfully, we now have other ways of controlling those pesky fleas, so can just enjoy the love, companionship and personality of these wonderful breeds.

Being small doesn’t mean these pups don’t need training, structure, proper socialization, exercise, stimulation and attention.

This is particularly true for the pint-sized pups that were bred for hunting. They are fiercely loyal and brave, but some can also be stubborn, independent, and feisty. These breeds make incredible pets and companions, but thrive when they also have structure, positive training, and socialization.

If you are looking for a dog with a full-sized personality in a pet with a very convenient size, start browsing through our list. While you are doing that, why not start dreaming of all the fun adventures you and your new puppy-sized companion can have, for life!

Toy Dog Breeds