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“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” That is one of our favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh, one of the world’s most famous bears.

And it perfectly fits the breeds of adorable pups that look just like a real-life teddy bear.

Most of us will always remember our favorite teddy as a child. And some of us may even admit (although not too loudly) that at some point we wished our teddy could come to life.

Well, forget your childhood disappointment, because owning a teddy bear dog is even better!

Not only do these gorgeous dog breeds look as cute and cuddly as a teddy, but they are packed full of personality. They can be great companions for your family, great guard dogs, jogging companions, and just downright fun to play with.

We have pulled together a list of all the ​dog breeds that have teddy-bear qualities.

When you look through our list, you will see these delightful dogs come in all shapes and sizes and lots of different colors. Some have long, floppy ears, others have round. Some have long, non-shedding hair, others have short, scruffy hair, just like an antique teddy.

But they all resemble teddy bears with features such as their bright button eyes, and lovable little noses.

Some of the breeds on our list are purebred. And you might find some breeds you have never heard of. But all have the potential to fill a teddy bear dog-shaped hole in your life.

To give some of the breeds on our list an authentic teddy bear look, or to keep your pooch looking like a teddy, you will need to find a good dog groomer.

The teddy bear cut is a well-known term in the dog grooming world. It means your groomer will round out the face, trim around the ears, and carve out a ​mane, making your ​pup look like an adorable little bear.

Of course, all these pups are real dogs and not bears at all.

So, they won’t hibernate in winter or catch their own salmon for dinner. And many of them will need lots of activity, exercise, training, love, and structure to keep them healthy and happy.

Before you get carried away by their adorable teddy looks, take some time to do a bit of research on your chosen breed. This will help you understand how big that cute pup will grow, its likely temperament and the things your bear will need to keep it happy (like a yard, lots of attention or exercise).

Our list is the perfect place to start your research. But just a word of warning, most of these pups are so cute you will ‘bearly’ be able to look away!

Teddy Bear Dog Breeds