About Thane

Name: Thane
Age: 2 years
Basic information: – Energy Level: Low. – Overall Drive: Moderate. – Location: Toledo, WA. Thane is probably one of the most striking dogs you’ve ever seen, and a personality to match. He is very handler oriented, biddable, eager to please, great impulse control and off-switch. He is not sneaky or manipulative, and he sincerely wants to be “correct”. He has great house-manners. Sometimes he moves items as he finds in the wastebasket or floor to a stashpoint in the corner of a room, but he has so far not chewed or eaten any inappropriate items. He likes nylabones and black kong toys, and is rough on soft toys. In the yard, he industriously chews on bones, or when that seems like too much work, he buries them carefully under pine needles. He enjoys meandering the fenceline but is not hypervigilant. Whenever he “goes missing” from the yard, I find he has slipped back into the house to curl up on the couch. While he has an excellent “off-switch”, he’s no slacker when it’s time for action. For a large dog, he is vey fast and agile with a flirt pole. He also adores playing tug. He commits whole-heartedly to the game for as long as you will play with him. He has excellent “drop it” and “wait” impulse control. He also knows “sit, down, loose-leash walking, bed, stay, no”, and is muzzle conditioned. Thane is very outgoing, gentle and affectionate with strangers. The vet staff all loved him; he has also met a quiet and respectful toddler and did fine. Thane loves going for car rides, and he rides well crated or loose. He is a little anxious of loud noises like fireworks, or yelling. Thane is a sensitive boy, so when correction is necessary usually verbal correction is plenty, but when he is fixated on another dog, low e-collar stim or prong correction is needed. He is reactive to strange dogs. After a rough introduction to his current Malinois housemate, he has learned to respect her and is not even resource guarding anything. It is possible for him to live with another easy-going dog. But a slow and proper introduction will be vital. Thane will need an experienced handler who will continue to work on his dog reactivity in public, as it will likely need lifelong maintenance. Thane’s current foster has worked hard on his impulse control around rabbits, and believes he should be trainable around other small animals as well. Thane would be a great starter sport dog for protection sports, nosework, herding, maybe tracking. When he is very wound up he will submissive grin and/or clack, but has never redirected. Around the house, Thane is a marathon sleeper. He’s eager to engage when asked but is not excessively needy or “Velcro”. When an interaction or activity is “all done”, he happily puts himself to bed in another room. West coast adoptions only.Adopters must have previous or current, purebred Malinois/Dutch Shepherd experience or other high drive working breed experience. Our adoption process includes- completion of an application, followed by a telephone interview. If that goes well, we will arrange for a home visit. Adoption Fee: $500.00. Transport along Interstate 5 (Bakersfield, CA to Bellingham, WA) is available but cost not included in adoption fee.

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Breed Dutch Shepherd Gender Male
Location Toledo, WA Age Adult
Size Large Adoption Fee


Toledo, WA

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