About Saia

Saia is a Japanese Akita Inu this is a courtesy post this dog is not in the rescue but we have been asked to help find her a forever home. If interested please apply to adopt. Saia is about 10 weeks old and weighs 50-55lbs. She has been spayed and is up to date on V vaccination. Medical issues: Saia has had regular vet checkups, she is very healthy. The only medical issue is that when she goes swimming she will get swimmers tail, or sometimes some hotspots. She can not have chicken based food. How does Saia behave around women/ men / strangers / people on the street / other animals? Saia is good with welcoming people into her own home. She loves women and can take a bit to warm up to very large men. Saia is very dog neutral; she will not react to other dogs on the street, and does not react to people when on a walk. Saia can be shy to very large crowds of people. Saia is very good walking around live stock (ducks, chickens, sheep). I do not know how Saia is with cats. Normal daily routine: Saia is a dog who is happy to do nothing all day long, but loves to go out on adventures. Saia loves to go out on trails and hikes with her owners. She loves to get a big whiff of nature at any opportunity. Saia goes out on trails multiple times a week and then sleeps the rest of the day. Indoor or outdoor dog? Saia is currently an indoor dog, but likes to spend time outside in our fenced backyard. She loves to lounge in the grass and take in the sun. Level of training? Saia is completely obedience trained and even has titles to her name. CGC/A/U, RN/ TKE. Saia knows ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘down’, ‘come’, ‘heel’, ‘stay’, ‘sit pretty’, ‘spin’, ‘back’, ‘left paw’, ‘right paw’, ‘go sniff’, ‘go say hi’, ‘go to your place bed’ and more. Any particular likes / dislikes? Saia can be dodgy about being pet on her head. She has been that way her whole life, She really loves to take in pets on her chest, and she loves belly rubs. Saia is very good about getting her nails done, never causes any fuss. How does Saia react to getting into the car / going to the vet? Saia is very good about getting into the car, in fact, she is always very excited, because car rides to her mean adventures. Saia loves her current veterinarian, always very happy to say hello to him. Saia has never bitten any other animals or people. Any separation anxiety issues or other behavioural issues? Saia does not have any separation anxiety, nor is she destructive when left alone. Saia’s main behavioural issue is that she can be very shy to large and overbearing men, can be sort of nervous in a large crowd. What type of home would Saia do best in? Saia would do best with a quieter home with structure, It would be great to have an owner who loves to go out on hikes, trails or walks.

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Breed Akita Gender Female
Location Davenport, WA Age Adult
Size Medium Adoption Fee $200.00


Davenport, WA

(509) 215-0145

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Friendly, loyal

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Vaccinations up to date

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Other dogs, children

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