About RUBY

Ruby was returned to the shelter after a week with her new owners because they felt that they couldn’t care for her needs. Ruby had been adopted with her buddy Clyde and had a great time, even going to the dog park to play, but they ended up being too strong and enthusiastic for their owner. Ruby and Clyde were housed in the backyard but were said to be quite the escape artists. They enjoy digging and chewing on things. Ruby and Clyde were excited to meet new people and didn’t react to the baby in the home. Ruby does get car sick and tries to climb on people when she is in the vehicle so she should be properly secured when going on car rides. Ruby is looking for a home that can keep her active; possibly an outside rec team! If you are looking for a pair, Ruby and Clyde are super great friends! If Ruby sounds like the girl for you, please give the shelter a call. Ruby was adopted, but later returned due to attacking the cat and accidentally biting a person when attempting to get to the cat. As a result Ruby must go to a home without cats, and her owners must be aware of her prey drive when around smaller critters in general! Ruby came to the shelter as a stray so we don’t know much about her. She has been friendly and outgoing at the shelter! Ruby appears to be polite with her doggy neighbors, particularly if they are male. It is very likely that Ruby has lived her life as an outdoor dog, so she should not be assumed to be housebroken or know any of the usual indoor dog niceties. Ruby has a very short coat so she will either need to be transitioned to indoor living or live in a heated dog barn. Ruby is an active breed that will need a job to do or lots of activity in her life! We do not know if Ruby has ever met cats or kids, so please use caution if introducing to smaller critters, as huskies do tend to have prey drive. Ruby is looking for an active home to show her the world!

My Information

Breed Husky & Pointer Mix Gender Female
Location Fairbanks, AK Age Young
Size Large Adoption Fee


2408 Davis Road at Peger Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 459-1451

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Spayed / neutered

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