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Rosebud is a 6-month-old female lab mix, approx 60 lbs. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations and flea/tick treatments. She is house trained and leash trained (using a harness). BACKGROUND: Rosebud had a difficult beginning to her life. She was rescued from the streets as a young puppy – she was tiny, only about 4 pounds. She was so malnourished that her fur felt like steel wool. She was full of parasites and her bones were protruding all over her tiny body. One of her feet was injured and she could not use it at all. Rosebud was very sick – the vet said they would try everything they could to save her but they didn’t think she would make it. Rosebud’s foster mom and the vet never gave up. Rosebud went for weekly checkups to monitor her weight and nutrition. She often had fevers and vomiting. With all the parasites, it was a while before she could even begin her regular vaccinations. She had cream for her injured foot, she took vitamins, got extra oil in her food, and a little apple cider vinegar in her water (for her skin and parasites). With time, Rosebud grew, her fur got brighter, her foot healed, her little belly was no longer filled with parasites, her face filled out and before we knew it she was looking like a normal, healthy dog! OTHER ANIMALS: Rosebud is great around dogs and cats. She lives happily with 4 other dogs as well as cats. She plays very well with the dogs and would enjoy having a doggy sibling in her forever home. She is interested in cats but does not bother them or bark at them. PERSONALITY: According to her foster mom, the best thing about Rosebud is her heart – she loves like there is no tomorrow. She is warm and caring and there is no one that has met her that hasn’t fallen in love. Rosebud is generally quite timid but can occasionally be protective/reactive if she perceives a threat to her humans or fur siblings. Rosebud does not bark at every little sound, only things that are bark-worthy (like strange people talking outside, a random dog off leash at the fence, people coming up to the gate to sell things). ACTIVITY: Rosebud is an independent young lady – she can be content playing by herself with a toy, or she can be hanging out with a crowd. She likes to run and play, and she is more than happy to join in outdoor adventures. She also loves to fetch and is just learning she has to give the ball back to continue playing. A fenced yard would be ideal for Rosebud. If you are looking for a bigger dog, one that is loyal, one that wants to protect you and snuggle you at the same time, one that rolls in the grass and soaks in the sun, one that will be your sidekick in everything, Rosebud is your girl! Her ultimate wish list would include a big family who loves to give her attention, maybe a fur sibling, being taken outside to walk and run, a yard to play in, and plenty of snuggles every day. Rosebud is currently in Mexico and will be travelling to BC in a few weeks. She deserves so much more than what life has handed her so far. She is just waiting for her happily ever after. NOTE: There may be a $225 additional fee to have the dog transported to Canada due to COVID restrictions. This will be discussed upon approval. Out-of-town pets are cared for by non-local organizations who can make arrangements for the pet to be transported to your area.

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Breed Labrador Retriever Mix Gender Female
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Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered

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