Rah Rah

About Rah Rah

Name: Rah Rah
Breed: Hound mix
Age: 6 mo
Gender: fe, not yet spayed
Wgt/Hgt: 48-1/2 lbs / 25 inches
Other information: -Energy level: moderate. -Relations: good with dogs, kids /cats unknown. -Highlights: playful, some food guarding, tripaw, smart, responds well. Region: Middle East.
“Well I guess you could say “Ray Rah” in celebration because I have arrived in Canada!!! From the moment I arrived, I have shown myself to be a social dog who loves everybody. Just look at me having fun playing with one of your little people! I am so looking forward to meeting my forever adopters. If there are kids or other dogs in your family, I am fairly sure that I’ll be a great team member. I am so looking forward to sharing my kind, gentle self with a whole bunch of people and dogs too. Smart girls like me learn quickly. One thing I am good at is responding well to commands I know, like come. Of course, I only know it in my language right now, so you’ll need to teach me in English. I was among a few puppies that had been thrown away near to the shelter, as the female puppies are usually separated from their mother after birth and discarded. Horrible, isn’t it, just left to die. My foreleg was likely injured at that time. The vets did surgery to help improve the condition of my leg, but it has been arthritically uncomfortable and hinders my play. So the doctors decided rather than my dealing with more future pain, they would amputate that leg. This allows me to be pain free and be able to bounce around playing easier. I love to play with other dogs, so this is a good thing. I can be a bit food protective right now. If another dog approaches my food I will growl. In time with training, I’m sure I will come to understand I will always get fed and don’t have to worry about anyone taking it. So if you have another doggo, I’d love someone to play with. Just need to feed us separate for now. If I’m the only pup, then I can make friends when we go on walks and play with other dogs. You’ll find me to be a very intelligent girl. I am the type that enjoys what you have next for me to learn. I have not been spayed/neutered, as I am too young yet. I am vaccinated & micro-chipped though. My spay/neuter is mandatory for my adoption to be finalized. LALDR does not cover the cost of sterilization on dogs arriving at/under 8 months of age. My adoption fee is $750.00 CAD + applicable taxes. This includes my transportation to Canada, if I am able to be accompanied by a flight volunteer directly to Vancouver.” LALDR does not have access to overseas dogs and cannot always verify the accuracy of their descriptions. Every dog is an individual and can act differently in different situations based on the person adopting them and the environment in which they live. The age and breed of a dog is usually an educated guess, so we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of age or breed of our dogs. Normally, we will not approve adoptions to homes with children under 12 years of age. Dogs from the Middle East are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper, leptospirosis, adenovirus type 1 and para-influenza. Bordatella is not given, as that has not been a problem in the Middle East.

My Information

Breed Labrador Retriever & Plott Hound Mix Gender Female
Location Langley, BC Age Young
Size Large Adoption Fee $750.00


Langley, BC

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Coat length



Vaccinations up to date

Good in a home with

Other dogs, children

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