About Nala

That’s me Nala!! I came to VAS a terrified little scamp, just look at my second picture, that was my first day here. My mom passed away and I found my world turned upside down. I am really loving shelter life, but it took me time to make a solid connection with the staff, but now I love em all!! Oh then I had to meet some ladies who come to walk me, that was hard but I am learning new people are ok and also mean I get yummy cookies. I am a fun little lady who loves my walks, sleeping in the sun and above all I love to chase soccer balls- they are life- they are fun- I love them!!! I led a bit of a sheltered life prior to VAS, so many things scare me. Anything fast, or unanticipated frightens me, like skateboarders, or kids. I have especially shown an aversion to people in uniform. Can you tell meeting new people is hard for me? I’m not a huge fan of men, but will warm up if you know how to work with my fearfulness. I do not appreciate hats, sunglasses, or masks on, and I need to see your face and calm body language to understand you’re ok. This fear is ingrained in me and we are working on my desensitization. My fear based behaviours are expressed as barking and lunging to make those who I am scared of GO AWAY!! My perfect new home will understand how to deal with this and be committed to counter conditioning to achieve ongoing success. I have displayed guarding behaviours here at the shelter, with my food bowl as well as barrier guarding my kennel, so my new people will need to understand these behaviours as well and how to manage them if they continue to occur once in my new home. So what do I need to be successful? A quiet home with 1 or 2 people. No kids- I would need to be put away even for ones that visit – they really scare me. Cats/ small animals – no as I go after squirrels. Others dogs – I’d be ok with dog friends that I can have focused walks with and monitored play with, but they tend to overwhelm me very easily, so it’s going to be best that I am the only dog in the house. I would prefer someone who has dealt with shy dogs and fear based behaviors to set me up for success in my new home and my new world, if that’s you opt to adopt at Vancouver Animal Services today!!

My Information

Breed Pit Bull Terrier Gender Female
Location Vancouver, BC Age Young
Size Medium Adoption Fee


1280 Raymur Avenue Vancouver, BC V6A 3L8

(604) 871-6885

My Details




Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered

Prefers a home without

Other dogs, cats, children, other animals. Nala wouldn’t do well with free run small pets or caged pets unless they are put away in another room.

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