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Dog meet and greets are by appointment only. Our sweet Mako has returned; she is a little over a year old, a mix of a mix, including Walker Hound and Catahoula. Mako was adopted in April 2021 by a wonderful family. They loved her and gave her an amazing home. She had room to run and play and kids to play with; she went to the dog park several times a week, but she started showing a major prey drive (to wildlife only, never to domesticated animals). They took her to training and a behaviorist to try to curb her prey drive. She sits, stay; she is very sweet, and has a lot of energy. She loves other dogs and absolutely needs a dog buddy with her, due to her prey drive no cats. Her adopters lived in a highly populated wildlife area and although they monitored her well, she managed to dig under their fence to chase a deer – she didn’t catch the deer, instead was hit by a car, so she had to have her tail amputated and it took sometime for her wounds to heal. It was terrifying for her adopters and Mako and her adopters knew that their farm would not be the place for her. While Mako has been back with us for a little over a month, we have learned that if she has dogs in the field with her, she never goes near the fences; she does love to dig (we have voles, moles and gophers) deep holes looking for them. If no other dogs are out with her, she wonders much further out in our field, and she does come when whistled at, well by the 2nd whistle. What does this all mean for Mako, she needs a home with other dogs, someone who can give her a job, like agility training, or that can hide things in the yard for her to find. She absolutely needs fenced yard, preferably acreage, no cats however. Her adoption fee is $250 Adoption questions: 1. Do you have a large fenced yard? 2. Do you have dogs? If so what type and ages? 3. Have you ever had a prey driven dog? 4. Do you have the time to work on agility or hide and seek with her? 5. Do you have the time and financial resources to provide more training if needed? Animal has been spayed.

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Breed Treeing Walker Coonhound & Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix Gender Female
Location McMinnville, OR Age Young
Size Medium Adoption Fee


10601 Loop Road McMinnville, OR 97128

(503) 472-0341 ext. 1

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Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered

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