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Hufflepuff is available for adoption by appointment-only. Interested adopters should email a completed adoption application to [email protected] Hufflepuff is a sweet 13-year-old Pekingese with the most loving and loyal personality. Hufflepuff came to Kitsap Humane Society experiencing spinal issues that caused decreased mobility in his hind end. While he can walk a few steps on his own, he quickly loses his balance and his back legs can no longer support him. Hufflepuff doesn’t let this slow him down and will pull himself along with his back legs dragging behind like a little mermaid tail. After being fit with a wheelchair, Hufflepuff was off to the races! He zips along on his wheels and loves exploring all the sniffs he can find on his walks outside. He also has a harness for his back legs that can be used for walks, that allows him to practice putting weight and pressure on his legs to help improve his mobility. Hufflepuff loves to explore outside and would be outside all day long if he could. He is curious and inquisitive about every smell he comes across. After a day of exploring, Hufflepuff will curl up for a nap in front of the fireplace. He makes an excellent cuddle buddy if you don’t mind his occasional snoring. Hufflepuff loves getting treats, enjoys being brushed, but most of all loves getting pets and snuggles. Hufflepuff is looking for an adopter who can support his mobility needs. In addition to using his wheelchair or harness for walks and going outside to potty, Hufflepuff may benefit from some physical therapy or water therapy to help him improve his strength. Hufflepuff has been around other dogs and may enjoy a home with a dog friend to keep him company. He is house trained and does well when left alone during the day. Because of his mobility issues, Hufflepuff will need a home where there are no stairs, or where stairs can be blocked off with a baby gate so he doesn’t take a tumble. Hufflepuff is considered a hospice adoption, as he does have other medical issues related to being a senior dog. He has a heart murmur, as well as dental disease. Hufflepuff is not able to undergo anesthesia to receive a dental cleaning due to his heart murmur and because he is a bit underweight. Hufflepuff would love a home with an adopter where he can be spoiled with love and attention, lots of yummy treats, and plenty of outdoor adventures for his remaining golden years. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a special pup in need, submit an adoption application for Hufflepuff today! Due to the Hufflepuff’s mobility concerns and ongoing medical needs, when sending in your adoption application, please also send information about any experience you have caring for senior dogs, as well as a vet reference.

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Breed Pekingese Mix Gender Male
Location Silverdale, WA Age Senior
Size Small Adoption Fee


9167 Dickey Road NW Silverdale, WA 98383

(360) 692-6977

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