About Hercules

Do you have large dog experience? Do you have strength and confidence with your leash handling skills? Are you willing to muzzle a dog for safety reasons? And most of all do you live kind of remote, away from the busyness of Vancouver and the Tricities? Most importantly do you have a secure property with no other small animals around at all!! Like the neighbors’ cat that comes in your yard, a shared fence with a chihuahua, an outdoor chicken hutch, ect. – we need to find placement for a large 100-lb grey nose Pitbull/ Mastiff with a heart of goofyness!! He loves people and playing and having a great ole time running around in our secure yard. He happily spends his time with us, the volunteers, and he loves pets and attention, sometimes a little too much and he gets overexcited and needs correcting, but he listens very well. He loves stuffies – the smaller and squeakier the better. He will launch his whole body in the air to grab em and flip around with them and then chew, chew, chew them!! It’s quite a sight to see. What he needs: • To live with people who will keep his world small, and he will be just fine chilling with you on the couch and playing in your secure yard/space. • To live with someone who can manage his small dog/animal prey drive – it’s quite intense with intent to harm – he will drag you over to small dogs/ animals that catch his attention. • To live with someone who wants an amazing companion dog but is ok not socializing him, walks where other dogs are coming around, especially small ones, will not be ok. • To live with someone who will use a muzzle when required, to keep other small animals safe (Vet trips or other instances where other dogs/animals are present). • To live with someone who has a place away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver and the Tricities area. • To live with someone who can handle his size and strength on leash. • Ideally we would love someone who just wants him as a house/property dog, as he doesn’t need walks, dog parks, hikes, ect. He wants a person or two, a couch, a secure yard to play in and lotsa love. What you will get: • A loving/ loyal couch potato, lap warmer, goofy goof. • A fun and hilarious spectacle of play, and you can witness/ engage in each day. • A garbage disposal for all your unfinished table scraps. • A silly monkey who loves to roll over for belly rubs. • A true hunk of love who will be at your beckon call for loves, cuddles anytime. No Kids, cats and no small dogs. He may do ok other big dogs but only females please!! If you fit the criteria please email [email protected] for more information.

My Information

Breed Pit Bull Terrier & Mastiff Mix Gender Male
Location Vancouver, BC Age Adult
Size Extra Large Adoption Fee


1280 Raymur Avenue Vancouver, BC V6A 3L8

(604) 871-6885

My Details

Coat length





Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered

Prefers a home without

Other dogs, cats, children, other animals. Hercules can not live with any small pets, cats, small animals, birds, ect.

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