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1AaliyahTo ascend to go up in HebrewGirl
2AdaAI especially fit to constant applications: created for use by the U.S. Branch of Defense.Girl
3AdaleeThis name is experiencing a big jump in popularity for human girls. That makes it an excellent girl dog name, too!Girl
4AdelaideA city in and the capital of South Australia.Girl
5AdeleThanks to the British singer, this name is more popular now, but its origins come from Germany and it means “noble.”Girl
6AdeleneAdelene is an English name of Germanic, Germanic, and Hebrew origin.Girl
7AdelynVersion of ADELINE using the popular name suffix lyn.Girl
8AgathaFrom a Greek word signifying "great.Girl
9AgnesRoman Catholic kid saint.Girl
11AiriLove jasmineGirl
12Akikobright childGirl
13AllegraThis gorgeous name derives from the musical term “allegro,” meaning upbeat, so it may be a good pick if you’ve got a happy-go-lucky dog.Girl
14AlyssaVersion of ALICIAGirl
15AmeliaThe inborn nonattendance of at least one appendages.Girl
16AmiciaDearly lovedGirl
19AmoretteLittle loveGirl
20AnastasiaShe will rise againGirl
21AngelicaLike an AngelGirl
22AngieForm of Angel.Girl
23AnnabellScary dollGirl
24AnnieGracious, Also from playGirl
25AntoniaMy AntoniaGirl
26AnyaRussian version of ANNA.Girl
27AprilIdeal for a dog born in the springtime or month of AprilGirl
28ArgentFrench meaning "silver"Girl
29ArizonaMeans "little springs"Girl
30ArtemisGreek goddess of hunting and associated with the moon A lovely name for a female gray tabbyGirl
31Asamimorning beautyGirl
32Asiaa landmass limited by Europe and the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian seas. Around 16,000,000 sq. mi. (41,440,000 sq. km).Girl
33AstaIn the 1930s, this Wire Fox Terrier was the sidekick to the married couple turned detectives in the “Thin Man” movies.Girl
34Asukatomorrow perfume, fragranceGirl
35Athenathe virgin divinity of the old Greeks loved as the goddess of insight, richnessGirl
36AuroraMarvel Comics, heroine with multiple personality disorder. Aurora has two distinct "faces," quiet, religious Jeanne-Marie and outgoing, heroic Aurora.Girl
37Autumnthe season among summer and winter; fall.Girl
38AvaIt means cute sleepy and a bit nippyGirl
40Ayanomy colorGirl
41AyraNoble goodnessGirl
42AzaleaType of flowerGirl
43AzureSky blue; the color of the Blue Grotto at middayGirl
44AzzurraItalian sky blueGirl
45Bambia recognizable name for a child deer.Girl
46BathshebaA quiet beach on BarbadosGirl
47BayaThe Spanish word for “berry.”Girl
48BellaItalian beautifulGirl
49Berthaa neckline or cutting, as of trim, worn about the shoulders by ladies, as over a low-necked abdomen or dress.Girl
50BerylA green or blue mineral used in white magick for its healing propertiesGirl
51Bessieadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
52Bettydark colored betty.Girl
54BijouA jewel or exquisitely wrought jewelryGirl
55BindiPopular in IndiaGirl
56BlancaThis is the Spanish word for “white.”Girl
57BlancheA Streetcar Named DesireGirl
58BlondieForm of blond or yellowGirl
59Blossomthe blossom of a plant, particularly of one creating a palatable natural product.Girl
61BrielleShort version of GABRIELLE.Girl
62BubblesFun personalityGirl
64CalicoA tri-colored cat with large patches of color.Girl
65Callieversion of CAROLINE, or sometimes of names beginning with Cal.Girl
66CamiliaRoyalty nameGirl
67CandyType of sugar treat, full of energy, sweetGirl
68CapriThe beautiful island in Italy’s Bay of Naples.Girl
69Caradear, belovedGirl
70Carlaadaptation of Caroline.Girl
71CarlyFree and pleasantGirl
72CarmelaThe name Carmela is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Carmela is: Golden.Girl
73Carolinaa previous English province on the Atlantic shore of North America: formally separated into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729.Girl
74Carolynversion of CAROLINE.Girl
75CarrieNothing says country like a song by Carrie Underwood.Girl
76CassiaThis is the feminine form of Cassius, and it actually means “cinnamon,” so it might be a good name for dogs with brown fur or a spicy-yet-sweet personality.Girl
77CassieUnheeded, strong willedGirl
78Ceceliaversion of CECILIA.Girl
79ChardonnayThis popular white wine might be a suitable white dog name for a swanky dog like a Miniature Poodle or Maltese.Girl
80Charlottea pastry of numerous assortments, served hot or cold and generally made by fixing a form with cake or bread and filling it with natural product, whipped cream, custard, or gelatin.Girl
81Chicaversion of FRANCISCA.Girl
82Chiekochild of intelligence, wisdomGirl
83Chiyoone thousand generationsGirl
84Chiyokochild of a thousand generationsGirl
85ChloeGreen shoot, newGirl
86CinnamonType of spice, yellowish brownGirl
87Clarafrom a Latin word signifying "clear, splendid.Girl
88Clarissaadaptation of Clara.Girl
89Clementinea little, sweet assortment of tangerine with orange-red skin.Girl
90Cloverany of different plants of the variety Trifolium, of the vegetable family, having trifoliolate leaves and thick bloom heads, numerous types of which, as T. pratense, are developed as scrounge plants.Girl
91CocoChocolate or BrownGirl
92CocoaAnother word for “chocolate” and a yummy drink in winter.Girl
95CosetteFrench for “little thing.”Girl
96Crystalan unmistakable, straightforward mineral or glass looking like ice.Girl
97DaffodilType of flowerGirl
98DaisyType of flower, more common but still beautifulGirl
99DarlaShort version of DARLENE.Girl
100Darlenefrom the Old English word signifying "dear.Girl
101DelilahFamous song after this nameGirl
102DenaliThis Alaskan mountain is the tallest one in the U.S.Girl
103DianaThe Roman goddess of the hunt as well as wild animals and the forest.Girl
104Divaa recognized female vocalist; diva.Girl
105Dodie, Dot, or Dotty (short for Dorothy)Adored womanGirl
106DollyForm of doll or smallGirl
107DominoA "domino mask" is that which only covers the eyes.Girl
108Dota gift from GodGirl
109Dottieadaptation of Dorothea and Dorothy.Girl
110Edieadaptation of Edith.Girl
111EffieWell spokenGirl
112ElathaIrish god of the moonGirl
113Electrathe girl of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra who affected her sibling Orestes to execute Clytemnestra and her darling Aegisthus.Girl
114Elenaauthor Ferrante of the Neapolitan novelsGirl
115Elexisdefender of mankindGirl
116ElfA supernatural creature of folk talesGirl
117ElinorSense and SensibilityGirl
118Elizaadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
119EllaShorted version of EleanorGirl
120EllieLight or candleGirl
121EloiseEloise at the PlazaGirl
122ElsaMy God is a promise; cheerfulGirl
123Elsieadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
124Embera little live bit of coal, wood, and so on., as in a perishing fire.Girl
125Emibeautiful blessingGirl
126Emikobeautiful blessing childGirl
128EmmaWhole or universalGirl
129Emmyany of a few statuettes granted yearly by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for greatness in TV programming, creation, or execution.Girl
130EndoraThe name Endora is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Endora is: Light.Girl
131Enida city in North Oklahoma.Girl
132EsmeraldaThe House on Mango StreetGirl
133EsmereldaCharacter in hunchback storyGirl
134Estellefrom a Latin word signifying "star.Girl
135Estherthe spouse of Ahasuerus.Girl
136Etsukochild of joyGirl
137EudoraMeans "good gift" in GreekGirl
138Evaliving oneGirl
139EveFirst womanGirl
140Evieversion of EVE or EVELYN.Girl
141FairyMystic small creatureGirl
142FaithTrust, confidenceGirl
143FalaPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt had many dogs, but Fala, a Scottish Terrier, was the most famous.Girl
144Fancycreative mind or dream, particularly as practiced in a fanciful way.Girl
145Fannievariant of Frances.Girl
146FantasiaForm of fantasyGirl
148Fayevariant of Faith.Girl
149FeonaName of animated characterGirl
150FeraThe Portuguese word for ‘beast’Girl
151Fionaversion of FIONNGirl
152FleurFeisty Fleur Delacour takes part in the Triwizard Tournament with Harry and Cedric Diggory. Also, it may just be the fanciest-sounding “Harry Potter” dog name.Girl
153Fleur, FloraFlowerGirl
154FloraLatin word meaning flowerGirl
155Francesgotten from Francis.Girl
156FreidaGerman name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’Girl
157FujiJapan’s famous mountain.Girl
158Fumikochild of abundant beautyGirl
159GaladrielLord of the RingsGirl
161Georgiaa state in the SE United States. 58,876 sq. mi. (152,489 sq. km). Capital: Atlanta. Shortened form: GA (for use with postal district), Ga.Girl
162Geraldinegotten from Gerald.Girl
164GinJapanese for "silver"Girl
165GingerType of plant, red hair, pureGirl
167Gisellean artful dance (1841) arranged by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, with melodic score by Adolphe Adam.Girl
168Godivaa gift of GodGirl
169GoldieGold; american actress first nameGirl
170GraceBeach and Bay on Turks and CaicosGirl
171GracieFull of eleganceGirl
172GretaPearl in SwedishGirl
173Gwenvariant of Gwendolyn or Guenevere.Girl
174GwinWelsh word for wineGirl
175GypsyWandering travelerGirl
177Hadaraadorned with beautyGirl
179Hanakoflower childGirl
180HarrietFamous social movementGirl
181Hattierendition of Harriet.Girl
182Havena harbor or port.Girl
183HecateGreek goddess of witches, crossroads, and nightmares, often depicted with three heads.Girl
184HeidiGerman version of ADELHEID.Girl
185HelgaGerman name meaning ‘blessed’Girl
186HeraHera is the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythologyGirl
187HermioneHarry PotterGirl
188Hidekochild of excellenceGirl
189Hikarilight, radianceGirl
190Hinasun vegetablesGirl
191HirokoA Japanese girl’s name meaning “generous” and “fair.”Girl
192Hisakochild of long lifeGirl
194Hitomipupil of the eyeGirl
195HoneySweet and natural substance from beesGirl
196Honokaharmony flowerGirl
197Hoshikostar childGirl
199IliseThe German variation of Elise, it means “pledged to God.”Girl
200IndiaBritish derived from the Indus riverGirl
201Inezform of Agnes.Girl
202IngridIng is beautifulGirl
203Iristhe contractile, roundabout stomach shaping the shaded segment of the eye and containing a roundabout opening, the student, in its middle.Girl
204IsabelThe House of Spirits and many moreGirl
205IsabellaPromise or OathGirl
206IsisEgyptian goddessGirl
208IsolaFor a self-sufficient dog, this Italian word meaning “island” might be the perfect name.Girl
209Ivorythe hard white substance, an assortment of dentin, making the primary part out of the tusks of the elephant, walrus, and so forth.Girl
210Izzynickname for ElizabethGirl
211Izzy (short for Isabel, Isabella, Isadora)Sounds like baby-talk for "IsGirl
212Jadeboth of two minerals, jadeite or nephrite, in some cases green, exceptionally regarded as an elaborate stone for carvings, gems, and so forth.Girl
214Janelleversion of JANE. It has been in use only since the 20th century.Girl
215JasmineType of flowering plantGirl
216JemmaBritish origin meaning ‘dove’Girl
217Jennaversion of JENNY. Use of the name was popularized in the 1980s by the character Jenna Wade on the television series Dallas.Girl
218JenniferFair one, light coloredGirl
219Jewela cut and cleaned valuable stone; pearl.Girl
220JinxA great name if you’ve got a devil-may-care dog with a lot of charisma.Girl
221Jinx, JinxyMagic appeal or charmGirl
222JoliFrench name meaning ‘pretty’Girl
223Journeya making a trip starting with one spot then onto the next, generally taking a fairly significant time-frame; trip: a six-day venture over the desert.Girl
224JoyJubilation; euphoriaGirl
225JuliaThe name Julia is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Julia is: Young. The feminine form of Julius. A character in Shakespeare's play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'.Girl
226JuliannaYoung, newGirl
227JulietRomeo and JulietGirl
228KaiaHawaain word for seaGirl
231KamilaCzech, Slovak and Polish version of CAMILLA.Girl
232KarinaElaborated version of KARIN.Girl
233Karlaform of Caroline.Girl
234KateGreek meaning honest or pureGirl
235KatieFully and full of loveGirl
236KatjaA German word meaning ‘pure’Girl
238KaylaKeeper of keysGirl
239Kazukochild of harmonyGirl
240KeelLateral fin of the boatGirl
241Keikoblessed child / respectful childGirl
242Kenyaa republic in E Africa: individual from the Commonwealth of Nations; once in the past a British crown settlement and protectorate. 223,478 sq. mi. (578,808 sq. km). Capital: Nairobi.Girl
243Kiaraversion of CIARA or CHIARAGirl
244Kimikoempress childGirl
245Kiyomipure beautyGirl
246Kokoroheart, mind, soulGirl
247Kumikolong-time beautiful childGirl
248Kyokorespectful childGirl
249LaceType of coralGirl
250LaceyBelonging to girlGirl
251Lacyof or taking after trim; lacelike: an elegant outfit; a frilly leaf.Girl
252LadyA female with grace; titular character in Disney’s Lady and the TrampGirl
254LavenderThe sweet-smelling herb.Girl
255LaylaMeans "night" in Arabic.Girl
256Leianame of a princess in the Star Wars moviesGirl
257LeleRomanian, Female spiritGirl
258Lenaa stream in the Russian Federation in Asia, streaming NE from Lake Baikal through the Yakutsk Republic into the Laptev Sea. 2800 miles (4500 km) long.Girl
260Lexyversion of ALEXANDRA or ALEXIS.Girl
261LibbyShortened name for ElizabethGirl
262LieselGod's satisfaction or oathGirl
263LilaLatin for LillyGirl
264LilleAnother French city, close to Belgium, and a nice name for a female fur baby.Girl
265LilyType of flower with fragrant smellGirl
266Lindameans ‘beautiful’ in SpanishGirl
267Lizzyadaptation of Elizabeth.Girl
268LoisBetter or more desirableGirl
269LolaSorrow, sacrafice, slang for young girl, nickname for DoloresGirl
270LollyShort for lollipopGirl
271LorelaiSinging sirenGirl
272LorraineFrench painter.Girl
273Louisea chilly lake in W Canada, in SW Alberta in the Canadian Rockies: resort. 5670 feet (1728 meters) above ocean level.Girl
274Lovelycharmingly or wonderfully excellent: an exquisite blossom.Girl
275Luciafrom a Latin word signifying "light.Girl
276Lucillerendition of Lucia or Lucy.Girl
277Lucindarendition of Lucy.Girl
278LucyOld TV Show, Born at Dawn, shinyGirl
279LullQuiet and boringGirl
280LuluLittle Woman, old cartoon starGirl
281Lunathe antiquated Roman goddess exemplifying the moon, some of the time related to Diana.Girl
282LuneCrescent shapedGirl
283LupinRemus Lupin is a popular teacher at Hogwarts, was a friend to Harry’s dad, and oh yeah, also a werewolf.Girl
284Lydiaan old realm in W Asia Minor: under Croesus, a well off domain including the greater part of Asia Minor.Girl
285Lylaversion of LEILA.Girl
286MabelMedieval version of AMABILISGirl
287Maddieversion of MADELINE or MADISON.Girl
288Madokacircle, roundGirl
290MaggieChild of lightGirl
291MahoBeach on St Johns IslandGirl
293MaliaHawaiian version of MARIA.Girl
294MalihaAn Arabic name that means beautiful, elegant and strongGirl
295Mamitrue beautyGirl
296Manamiloving beautifulGirl
297Manjua popular Japanese confection made from boiled beans and sugar.Girl
298Marathe divine force of death, at times observed as one part of a divine being whose other angle is Kama, or sexual want.Girl
300Margotrendition of Margaret.Girl
301MarigoldType of flowerGirl
302Marikotrue village childGirl
303Marilynrendition of Mary.Girl
304MaruStray dog from Kimi ni TodokeGirl
305Marythe mother of Jesus.Girl
306Masumitrue clarityGirl
308Maudevariant of MAUD.Girl
309Maxi, MaxineFemale version of MaxGirl
310Mayumitrue gentle beautyGirl
311MaziePopular tv starGirl
313MelodyMusical arrangementGirl
315Mialost without a trace.Girl
316MiamiFlorida BeachGirl
317Michikobeautiful wise childGirl
319Miekobeautiful blessing childGirl
320Mikubeautiful skyGirl
321Mileyactress and singer Miley CyrusGirl
322Millierendition of Millicent or Mildred.Girl
323Mimiversion of MARIA and other names beginning with M.Girl
324Minakobeautiful childGirl
325Minniemother; mother.Girl
326Miobeautiful cherry blossomGirl
327Misakibeautiful blossomGirl
328Missyyouthful miss; young lady.Girl
329MistyCovered with Misty DewGirl
330MitsukoThe words mean “light” and “child,” and this is usually a girl’s name in Japan. Why not make it a Japanese dog name, too?Girl
331Miwabeautiful hamony, peaceGirl
332Miyakobeautiful night childGirl
333Miyubeautiful gentleGirl
334Miyukibeautiful blessingGirl
335Mochaa seaport in the Republic of Yemen on the Red Sea.Girl
336MollyAnother name for MaryGirl
337Momokapeach tree flowerGirl
338Morikochild of the forestGirl
339Myaversion of MAYA.Girl
341NalaMeans "stem" in Sanskrit.Girl
342Nanamiseven seasGirl
343Nanetteform of Ann.Girl
344Naomihonest beautifulGirl
345Natsumibeautiful summerGirl
346NiaSwahili for lustrousGirl
347Ninayoung lady; youngster.Girl
348NinjaMasked man proficient in the martial arts Ninjutsu, known for stealth.Girl
349NishaAnother female name that means “night,” this time from Sanskrit.Girl
350Nobukofaithful, trustworthy childGirl
351NoelleBorn on Christmas; Shorten version can be NoelGirl
352Nolaversion of MAGNOLIA, FINOLA and other names containing a similar sound.Girl
353Noravariant of Honora.Girl
354Norian ocean growth having a somewhat sweet, salty taste, typically dried, utilized in Japanese cookery mostly as a wrap for sushi.Girl
355Norikolawful childGirl
356Normathe Rule, a little southern star grouping among Lupus and Ara.Girl
357Novaa star that out of nowhere gets a huge number of times more splendid and afterward slowly blurs to its unique power.Girl
359Nuttahmy heartGirl
361NyxGreek primordial goddess of darkness and the nightGirl
362Olivethis name means ‘symbol of peace’Girl
363Olive, OliviaA fruit-bearing tree; Olive Oyl was Popeye's girlfriendGirl
365Paisleya delicate woolen texture woven with an example of beautiful and minutely definite figures.Girl
366PandaChina's national symbol and gentle giant.Girl
367PandoraFull of random surprises (like the box)Girl
369PearlTreasure made by oystersGirl
370Pebbleslittle, adjusted stone, particularly one worn smooth by the activity of water.Girl
371Peggyrendition of Margaret.Girl
372Penelopethe spouse of Odysseus, who stayed dedicated to him during his long nonattendance at Troy.Girl
373PennySpunky; copper coinGirl
374PepperPeppercorns come in a variety of colors black, white rose and green.Girl
375PepsiFull of energy, black like the sodaGirl
376PerditaThe mother of the brood of Dalmatians in “101 Dalmatians.”Girl
377PetalPart of a flower (plays on the word 'pet')Girl
378PetraGreek word meaning ‘stone’ or ‘rock’Girl
380Phoebeany of a few little American flycatchers of the sort Sayornis, particularly S. phoebe, of eastern North America.Girl
382PippaItalian adaptation of Philippa.Girl
383PippiPippi LongstockingGirl
384PippyFirst name of Pippy LongstockingsGirl
386Poeas in Edgar AllenGirl
387Pollyan agreeable parrot.Girl
388Poppyany plant of the sort Papaver, having garish, normally red blossoms.Girl
389Portiathe champion of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, who, in one scene, masks herself as a legal advisor.Girl
390PrimroseA kind of flower (plays on the word 'prim')Girl
391PrincessQueen's daughter, royaltyGirl
392PriscillaFamous singer's daughter, princess like, long lifeGirl
393Priyalovable, belovedGirl
394Pumpkinan enormous, consumable, orange-yellow natural product borne by a coarse, decumbent vine, Cucurbita pepo, of the gourd family.Girl
395QueenieRoyal and regalGirl
396Queridadear one, belovedGirl
397RashaYoung gazelleGirl
398RathiIndonesian goddess of the moonGirl
400ReikoCourteous childGirl
401Rikatrue fragranceGirl
404Ritathe Vedic idea of inestimable and social request.Girl
405RogueLet’s hope your pet doesn’t live up to this name!Girl
406RomyFrom RomeGirl
407Rosaleenbeautiful little RoseGirl
408Rosaliefrom a Latin word importance rose celebration.Girl
409Rosemaryan evergreen bush, Rosmarinus officinalis, of the mint family, local to the Mediterranean area, having weathered, limited leaves and light blue, chime molded blossoms, utilized as a flavoring and in perfumery and drug: a conventional image of recognition.Girl
410RosieCheerful and delicate (rose-like)Girl
411RoxyMorning, BrightGirl
412Roz, Rozz (from Rosalind)Beautiful; pretty as a roseGirl
413RubyRed jewelGirl
414Rumithe poetGirl
415RupaHindi name meaning ‘silver and beauty’Girl
417Ruthpity or sympathy.Girl
418Ruthieversion of RUTH.Girl
419Ryokorefreshing childGirl
420Sachikojoyful, happy childGirl
421Sakiblossom of hopeGirl
422Sakuracherry blossomGirl
423Sallya foray of troops from an attacked spot upon a foe.Girl
424SapphirePrecious stone associated with wisdom, royalty and prophecyGirl
426Satokowise childGirl
427Satomibeautiful and wiseGirl
428SaudaSwahili name meaning ‘dark beauty’Girl
429Savannaha seaport in E Georgia, close to the mouth of the Savannah River.Girl
430Scarleta splendid red shading slanting toward orange.Girl
431ScarlettPay homage to the strong, smart women (IRL and in fiction) who’ve had this name, like Scarlet O’Hara (“Gone with the Wind”) and actress Scarlett Johansson.Girl
432Selenathe Greek goddess of the moon.Girl
433SeleneGreek goddess of the moonGirl
434Selmaa city in focal Alabama, on the Alabama River.Girl
435SequoiaIf you are an avid hiker, you might want to name your new pet after these extremely large trees.Girl
436Serenaclear, tranquil, sereneGirl
437ShantiThe word means “peace” in Sanskrit.Girl
438Shigekogrowing childGirl
441ShirleyEnglish writer.Girl
442Shizukaquiet summerGirl
443Shizukoquiet childGirl
444Siennaa ferruginous earth utilized as a yellowish-darker color (crude sienna) or, in the wake of simmering in a heater, as a ruddy darker shade (consumed sienna).Girl
445Sissya delicate kid or man.Girl
446SitiMalay version of SITA.Girl
447SofiaWise, intelligentGirl
449SookieReality star nameGirl
450SophiaMeans "wisdom" in Greek.Girl
451SophieVery gorgeousGirl
452StellaSunny or StarGirl
454Sueto establish a procedure in law against; bring a common activity against: to sue somebody for harms.Girl
455SugarSweet like my dog is sweetGirl
456Sumikochild of clarityGirl
457Sumitragood friendGirl
458Susannahbook of the Apocrypha, establishing the thirteenth part of Daniel in the Douay Bible.Girl
461SwingSwing Time, a Fred Astaire Top hats and Tuxedo Coat Tails movie.Girl
462Sylviaversion of SILVIA. This has been the most common English spelling since the 19th century.Girl
464Takakonoble childGirl
466TaliaLamb or Soft, Morning DewGirl
467Tamikochild of many beautiesGirl
469TazannaBeautiful princessGirl
470TealA deep-green blue and often a girl's nameGirl
471Terukoshining childGirl
472TessaHarvester, To bring forthGirl
473TheaShort version of DOROTHEA or THEODORA.Girl
474TianaShort version of TATIANA or CHRISTIANA.Girl
475TiaraHalf crown made of white gold and precious gemsGirl
476TiffanyMeaning ‘God’s incarnate’Girl
477Tillie, TillyPowerful in fightGirl
478TinkerbellThe fairy in Peter Pan books and moviesGirl
479TippyDoes your heart tip over at the sight of your puppy? Then honor that feeling when you give this cute dog name to your pet.Girl
480Tomikochild of wealth, fortuneGirl
481Toshikoclever childGirl
483TreasureA cay on Bahamas Island AbacoGirl
485TrinityGrouping of three, often holy. Name of female lead character in the Matrix.Girl
486TrixieBringer of euphoria, happinessGirl
487Trudyvariant of Gertrude.Girl
488Umekoplum childGirl
490UnaLatin meaning ‘one’Girl
491UritHebrew for lightGirl
492UrsaLatin word for ‘bear’Girl
493Ursulaan amazing British princess who, with 11,000 virgins, is said to have been martyred by the Huns at Cologne.Girl
495Velmarendition of Wilhelmina.Girl
496VelvetSoft fabricGirl
497VenitaLatin name meaning ‘Goddess of love’Girl
498Venusan old Italian goddess of nurseries and spring, recognized by the Romans with Aphrodite as the goddess of affection and magnificence.Girl
499VeraItalian place name for a town in ItalyGirl
500Victoriathe antiquated Roman goddess of triumph, related to the Greek goddess Nike.Girl
501VikaFrom the creekGirl
502Violetany mainly low, stemless or verdant stemmed plant of the sort Viola, having purple, blue, yellow, white, or variegated blossoms.Girl
503Virginiaa state in the E United States, on the Atlantic coast: some portion of the verifiable South. 40,815 sq. mi. (105,710 sq. km). Capital: Richmond. Shortened form: VA (for use with postal division), Va.Girl
504Vivia joining structure signifying "living," "alive," utilized in the arrangement of compound words: vivisection.Girl
505Viviennesorcerer, the escort of Merlin: known as the Lady of the Lake.Girl
506Wakanaharmonious musicGirl
507WhisperQuiet voiceGirl
508WhitneyU.S. maker and designer.Girl
509WilfredaBritish origin meaning ‘desiring peace’Girl
510Willavariant of Wilhelmina.Girl
511XaraHebrew for a princessGirl
512Xenamain character in the 1990s television series Xena: Warrior Princess.Girl
514YanaHebrew meaning ‘God is gracious’Girl
515YaraAnother girl’s name that’s rising in the popularity charts, maybe thanks to “Game of Thrones” character Yara Greyjoy.Girl
516YashashreeThe Goddess of successGirl
517Yasmin, YasmineJasmine flowerGirl
518Yasukochild of peaceGirl
519YokoChild; Yoko OnoGirl
520Yoshiebeautiful streamGirl
521Yoshikochild of goodnessGirl
522Yuinabind togetherGirl
523Yukagentle flowerGirl
524Yukaribeautiful pear treeGirl
525Yukikochild of snow / child of happinessGirl
526Yukogentle childGirl
527Yumireason beautifulGirl
528Yumikoreason beautiful childGirl
529Yurikolily childGirl
531ZannaGod's giftGirl
532ZaraArabic meaning ‘Radiance’Girl
534ZelieFrench meaning ‘solemn’Girl
535ZoeyMeaning ‘life’Girl
537ZoraTheir Eyes Were Watching GodGirl
538ZuriMeans "beautiful" in Swahili.Girl