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1AceLatin origin. Referred to as ‘number one’ or ‘The best’Boy
2AdamAccording to the Talmud, Adam was originally created with one body and two heads, which was later split into two bodies, creating Adam and Eve.Boy
4AjaxThe Greek hero in Homer’s “The Iliad,” you could shorten this to Jax.Boy
5Akihirogreat brightnessBoy
6Akiobright manBoy
7Aldwynold friendBoy
8Alexanderfrom Fullmetal AlchemistBoy
9AlonzoThe name has its origins in Spain where it means “noble.”Boy
10AmirArabic for Prince. Strong commandingBoy
11AnselFamous black and white photographer, Ansel Adams.Boy
12ArchiePrince Harry and Meghan Markle were on to something when they picked this name for their son.Boy
13ArgosThe OdysseyBoy
14ArgusThe name means “watchful traveler,” which might suit a guard dog.Boy
15ArloSpanish for barberry treeBoy
16ArnoYes, it’s a river (in Italy), but this name comes from Germany, where it means “eagle,” so your pooch will be proud to bear it.Boy
17Arvinfriend of the peopleBoy
18AsherThis Hebrew name means “fortunate one,” which describes you, now that you’ve got a dog in your life. You can also call your pup Ash for short.Boy
19AslanTurkish word for lionBoy
20AtlasThe titan who holds up the world in Greek mythology would make a perfect big dog name.Boy
21Atsushiindustrious directorBoy
22AtticusTo Kill a MockingbirdBoy
23AtticusOf Latin origin. Made popular by the book ‘to kill a Mockingbird’Boy
24Audenold friendBoy
25AxelMeaning father of peace. German originBoy
26BaconThe delicious meat we all loveBoy
27BaerThere are lots of dogs named Bear, but you might want to give yours the German spelling.Boy
29BaneMask wearing bad guy in Dark Knight Rises.Boy
30BanjoA two-syllable name that has a musical ring to it.Boy
31BardAn Irish name meaning “poet” or “minstrel.”Boy
32BarkleyThe Barkleys of Broadway, Fred Astaire Top hats and Tuxedo Coat Tails movie.Boy
33BarneyThis was President George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier, and the star of numerous White House videos.Boy
34BasilType of spiceBoy
35BeckettWaiting for GodotBoy
36BenjiThe adorable mutt named Benji made his movie debut in 1974, the first of several films in the “Benji” series.Boy
37BensonBritish origin meaning ‘son of Ben’Boy
38BertramIconic boat manufacturerBoy
39BladeType of fire coralBoy
40Bluefrom Wolf’s RainBoy
41BookerA good name for a smart, attentive puppy.Boy
43BriggsEnglish origin meaning ‘bridges’.Boy
44BrodyA name of Scottish origins, it means “broad eye,” but we like it because it’s stylish and friendly at the same time.Boy
45BronsonMiddle English origin meaning ‘son of the brown man’Boy
46BruceFrench. Originated from Robert the Bruce, who became the king of Scotland in the 14th centuryBoy
47BrunoGerman origin. Meaning ‘brown’Boy
48BuddyThe first dog that was trained to be a Seeing Eye dog for the blind.Boy
49BuzzOne of the main playthings in “Toy Story.”Boy
50Byronas in LordBoy
51CamoCamouflage, military pattern used to conceal.Boy
52CannonFrench. ‘Meaning official of the church’Boy
53CarterThis name is in the top 30 for baby boys but it suits four-legged puppies just as well.Boy
54CasperA friendly ghost, but still a ghostBoy
55CesarDerived from the Latin word ‘Caesaries,’ meaning ‘head of hair’ (perfect for a dog with a beautiful coat such as the Bernese breed!)Boy
56ChaseOriginating from the middle ages in England, meaning ‘hunter’Boy
57ChicoThe Spanish word for “little” is an obvious choice for a small dog name.Boy
58CliffJimmy Cliff, only the second Jamaican artist to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, is a legend of Ska and Reggae musicBoy
59CliffordThe Big Red DogBoy
60ClintActor and director Clint Eastwood is still going strong and has had a long career doing things his way.Boy
61ColeAn English black dog name that takes its cue from the word “coal.”Boy
62CookieType of desert, sweetBoy
63CooperGary Cooper played the all-American, strong, silent type in his movies.Boy
64Corwinfriend of the heartBoy
65CyrusDerived from the Greek form Kyros meaning ‘king’ or ‘lord’Boy
66Daikigreat glory / great nobilityBoy
67Daisukegreat helpBoy
68Dashiellauthor HammettBoy
69DawsonBritish origin meaning ‘son of David’Boy
70DelroyDelroy Wilson, the Cool Operator of the 1960s and 1970s influenced numerous Jamaican singers with his distinct phrasingBoy
71DentHarvey Dent, Batman nemesis known as Two Face.Boy
72DiegoThe Spanish equivalent of James is a common human name, making it an appealing Spanish dog name, too.Boy
73DobbyCharacter from Harry Potter which means benevolent elf’Boy
74DracoLatin for ‘dragon’ and made popular by the Harry Potter filmsBoy
75DrakeSame as above but if you are not an HP fan then maybe choose this one!Boy
76DraperThe last name of the main character of “Mad Men,” who personified chutzpah.Boy
77DublinThe capital city of Ireland.Boy
78DukeLatin meaning ‘leader’Boy
79EdgarBritish. Meaning ‘wealthy spear’Boy
80Eijieternity orderBoy
81ElianSpanish originating from the clan ‘Aelia’Boy
82EnzoItalian. Meaning ‘home ruler’Boy
84ErikGiven name of the Phantom of the Opera, opera ghost.Boy
85FinneganIrish meaning ‘fair’Boy
86FitzUsually a nickname for someone named Fitzgerald or Fitzpatrick, this can double as an Irish dog name.Boy
87FrancieA Tree Grows in BrooklynBoy
88FrancoLatin meaning ‘free man’Boy
89FraserPeople often choose a Fraser fir to be their Christmas tree, so this might be a good Christmas dog name for your pup.Boy
90GageFrench origin meaning ‘pledge/oath’Boy
91GandalfThe HobbitBoy
92GideonHebrew meaning ‘powerful warrior’Boy
93GiovaniItalian meaning ‘God is gracious’Boy
94GoliathThis giant was defeated by David in the Bible, but your pooch doesn’t have to know that.Boy
95GoofyMickey Mouse’s pal and a truly classic Disney character.Boy
96GradyIrish. Meaning ‘renowned’Boy
97GulliverGulliver’s TravelsBoy
98GunnerA name that means “bold warrior,” which is what you want your country dog to be.Boy
99HankOld German origin meaning ‘home ruler’Boy
100HarryHarry Potter—for more see 70 Most Unique Dog NamesBoy
101Harukifamed author MurakamiBoy
102Harutosun flyingBoy
103HarveyBatman villain, Two Face, whose full name is Harvey Dent.Boy
104HectorGreek meaning ‘steadfast’Boy
105Henleya short-or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt, as a rule of cotton, with a round necklace and a regularly secured neck area placket.Boy
106HersheyBrand of chocolateBoy
107Hidekiexcellent timber treesBoy
108Hideoexcellent manBoy
110Hiroakiwide, spacious lightBoy
111Hirokivast timber treesBoy
113Hiroyukigreat journeyBoy
114Hitoshimotivated personBoy
116HopkinsBeach on BelizeBoy
117Hubertbright heartBoy
118HudsonBritish origin meaning ‘son of Hugh’ or ‘son of Richard’Boy
119HugoA male name of Latin originBoy
120Ichirofirst sonBoy
121IggyBoston Terrier from JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)Boy
122IkeHebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’Boy
123Itsukitimber treesBoy
124IvanCommon first name among Russian artists and Tsars, including Ivan the TerribleBoy
125IverScandinavian origin meaning ‘archer’Boy
126JanusTwo-faced god depicted on Roman coins. Janus looks to the future and the past; he is the god of duality, transitions, passages and new beginnings.Boy
127JasperGreek origin meaning ‘treasurer’Boy
128JaxBritish origin meaning ‘son of Jack’Boy
129Jebediahbeloved friendBoy
130Jirosecond sonBoy
131JonahHebrew origin meaning ‘dove’Boy
132JupiterThis is the largest planet in the solar system.Boy
133Kaitoocean flyingBoy
134Katsumivictorious beautyBoy
135Kawasakia populous city located between Tokyo and Yokohama.Boy
136Kenichistrong, healthy first sonBoy
137Kenjistrong, healthy second sonBoy
138Kentalarge strong, healthyBoy
139KenzoA boy’s name in Japan, it originally meant “wise” and “strong.”Boy
140KerouacOn the RoadBoy
144KnoxBritish word meaning ’round-top hill’Boy
145KobePopular Hungarian nameBoy
146Konaa southwesterly winter wind in Hawaii, frequently solid and bringing precipitation.Boy
147KyeWelsh, Scandinavian, Greek and Gaelic origin meaning ‘keeper of the keys, Earth, narrow, or straight’Boy
149LabanThe Hebrew word for “white,” and one of those unique dog names that you won’t run into very much.Boy
150LennonWho knew? You’d think this name was just a nod to Beatle John Lennon, but it’s Irish in origin and means “small cloak.”Boy
151LeoLatin origin meaning ‘Lion’Boy
152LiamThis used to be a nickname for William, but actor Liam Neeson and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher helped make it a popular stand-alone.Boy
153LinusYes, it’s the name of a blanket-carrying character from “Peanuts,” but this name dates back to ancient Greek mythology, and that Linus was a great musician.Boy
155MagnusA Latin name meaning “the greatest.”Boy
156MajorLatin word meaning ‘greater’Boy
158MarcoA name meaning “warlike,” it was made famous by the 13th century Italian merchant and traveler Marco Polo.Boy
159Masaakipleasing brightnessBoy
160Masashirighteous aspirationBoy
161Masatorighteous personBoy
162Masayukirighteous blessingBoy
163MateoHebrew origin meaning ‘gift of God’Boy
164MaxOne of the most popular names for dogs.Boy
165Michioman on a journeyBoy
166MiloNow a very famous drink in New Zealand, the name Milo is an Old Germanic form of the name Miles, which comes from the Latin word for ‘soldier’Boy
167Mitsuoshining heroBoy
168MortonThe king of table saltBoy
169MowgliThe Jungle BookBoy
170Naokihonest timber treeBoy
171NemoThe title character in “Finding Nemo.”Boy
172NeroIt means “black” in Italian.Boy
173NikkoBritish origin meaning ‘victory’Boy
174Noboruascend, riseBoy
175Noriolawful manBoy
176OdinNorse origin. Odin was the god of Norse mythology, identified with art, culture and warBoy
177OrsonLatin origin meaning ‘bear’Boy
178Osakaone of the country’s largest cities.Boy
179Osamudisciplined, studiousBoy
180OtisOld German origin meaning ‘wealth’Boy
181OxfordBlack and white shoes, popular in the 1950s.Boy
182OzzyGerman meaning ‘God’s power’Boy
183Pabloas in the poet NerudaBoy
184PaceHebrew origin meaning ‘Passover’Boy
185PacoOne of the nicknames for Francisco.Boy
186PanchoAnother nickname for Francisco, this was also the name of Pancho Villa, a general in the Mexican revolution.Boy
187PedroSpanish origin meaning ‘rock’Boy
188PercyThe spoiled Pug dog in Disney’s “Pocahontas.”Boy
189PerseusGreek origin. In Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae’Boy
190PintoPaint markings on a horse, nickname of Animal House character.Boy
191PlutoThe pet dog in Mickey and Minnie’s crew.Boy
193QuillenIrish origin meaning ‘cub’Boy
194QuintoLatin origin meaning ‘fifth born son’Boy
195RamiArabic origin meaning ‘loving’Boy
196RangerAnother outdoor profession that fits hunting dogs.Boy
197RaulSpanish originBoy
198ReardonHank Reardon, protagonist of Atlas Shrugged, invents a new form of steel that is blue-green and far superior to stainless steel in strengthBoy
199RexLatin origin meaning ‘king’Boy
200RhettGone With the WindBoy
201RiggsSail riggingBoy
202Rikutoperson of landBoy
203RiverA popular British name for people who love natureBoy
204RockefellerBeach on St BarthBoy
205RolandGerman origin meaning ‘renowned land’Boy
206RomeoItalian origin. The name is best known for the star crossed lover from William Shakespeare famous playBoy
207RooYou can’t go wrong with names from “Winnie-the-Pooh,” especially this one that belonged to the young kangaroo.Boy
208Ryoichigood first sonBoy
209Ryotagreat refreshmentBoy
211SakeThe traditional liquor of Japan.Boy
212Satoshiwise, fast learnerBoy
213SaulHebrew meaning ‘prayed for’Boy
214Sawyeran individual who saws wood, particularly as an occupation.Boy
215SergioLatin origin meaning ‘servant’Boy
216Shadowa dim figure or picture cast on the ground or some surface by a body blocking light.Boy
217SheenLuster; gleaming attireBoy
218Sherlockas in HolmesBoy
219Shermanas in author AlexieBoy
220Shinjitrue second sonBoy
222Shirofourth sonBoy
223Shoto flyBoy
224Shoutabig flyingBoy
225SiriusSirius Black is Harry’s godfather who turned into a black dog to escape the prison of Azkaban.Boy
226SkipA child’s best friend is always a dog, and Skip, a Jack Russell Terrier, accompanies his pal Willie everywhere in “My Dog Skip.”Boy
227SlateGray shaleBoy
228SterlingSilver category; only the finest as in a "sterling reputation"Boy
229StokeTo tend to a fireBoy
230SylasLatin origin meaning ‘of the forest’Boy
231Tadaoloyal, faithful manBoy
232Tadashiloyal, faithfulBoy
233Taichilarge first sonBoy
234Taikigreat radiance, shineBoy
235Takahiroof great value, nobilityBoy
236Takashiprosperous, nobleBoy
237Takayukinoble journeyBoy
238Takeowarrior heroBoy
239Tamotsuprotector, keeperBoy
240Tarolarge sonBoy
241Tennysonthe poetBoy
242TetsuyaTetsuya’s pet dog & mascot of the Seirin Team from Kuroko no BasketBoy
243Theoa joining structure signifying "god," utilized in the arrangement of compound words: theocrat.Boy
244ThothEgyptian god, often portrayed with a crescent moon on his head; he is associated with magic and wisdomBoy
245TitusLatin origin. Name of a Roman emperor in the first centuryBoy
246TobyThis name is short and memorable and ends in the friendly double “y” sound.Boy
247Toshiogenius leader, heroBoy
248TotoDorothy’s scrappy little Cairn Terrier in the classic “The Wizard of Oz.”Boy
249TrumanIn Cold BloodBoy
251Tucker“Christmas With Tucker” was a Hallmark movie hit, and this name has a noble ring to it.Boy
252TweedA cheviot pattern usually in plain, twill or herringbone pattern, achieved by mixing colored yarn before weaving.Boy
253TysonFrench origin meaning ‘high spirited’Boy
255UlrikGerman origin meaning ‘power of the wolf’Boy
257UmerArabic for ‘prospering or thriving’Boy
258UriHebrew origin meaning ‘my light, my flame’Boy
259UsherLatin origin meaning ‘river mouth’Boy
260ValentinoLatin origin meaning ‘strong’Boy
261VictorLatin for ‘champion’Boy
262VincentLatin meaning ‘prevailing’Boy
263VitoLatin origin meaning ‘life-giving’Boy
264WhitmanLeaves of Grass and moreBoy
265WileyBritish origin meaning ‘crafty’Boy
266WilmerOld German origin meaning ‘strong desire’Boy
267WinstonWinston Rodney, the lead singer of the group, Burning Spear; considered Rasta's ambassadorBoy
268XavierSpanish origin meaning ‘bright and splendid’Boy
269XenoGreek origin, meaning ‘foreign voice’Boy
270Yamatogreat harmonyBoy
271YashSanskrit origin meaning ’eminence’Boy
273Yoshiojoyful lifeBoy
274Yoshitoceremonial, correct personBoy
275Youtagreat sunlightBoy
276YukioJapanese origin meaning ‘snow’Boy
277ZackHebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’Boy
279ZekeA name with a country vibe.Boy
280ZeusGreek origin meaning ‘living’Boy
281ZionHebrew origin meaning ‘highest point’Boy
282ZorroLatino vigilante, Zorro leaves his mark by etching a "Z" into walls and curtains to sign his good deeds and acts of vengeance.Boy